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No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources

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    My computer monitor is a Westinghouse TV !

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    I would like start screen more if it wasn't the whole screen. That is what really bugs me. The way it works is ok, but not the whole screen. Personal preference.

    So, since I don't like the above, I like having a choice. That's all. Don't need to change for everyone.
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    i don't care about the start menu, i care the easy way to use. so i will not wait for that.

    samsung galaxy s5 handytasche
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd
    I could say the same. But, with your suggestion, how would you go about designing a desktop menu that can handle hundreds of programs and documents? Do you like the 7 menu? It does not cascade. Do you think they will bring back cascading?
    No. I hate the 7 menu. I hate when it lists the last used shortcuts. Non-cascading menu is besicaly useless. But I think you can make it cascading in 7. Never cared to try...
    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd
    If one only does 12 things with their PC, do they need a desktop menu?
    In my case the menu is useful for accessing programs which I usualy never use. I dig into it to find it. Daily stuffs are naturaly on the desktop as it's the first thing appearing on the monitor screen... Until 8 was invented. With 8, I'm in the wierd situation when I click on a tile on the start screen, the desktop appears and then, after about half a second later it launches the choosen application. Why do I need the Start Screen if it's to launch the desktop almost everytime an application is started?
    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd
    I get it, the metro menu is for tablets, not for a desktop computer. Right?
    I don't even know or care how it looks on tablets. I don't own any one. But on a desktop PC I'm still at odds with why we need it at all. What's the point with two overlapped full-screen displays listing clickable shortcuts, both having exactely the same purpose?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post
    ...What's the point with two overlapped full-screen displays listing clickable shortcuts, both having exactly the same purpose?
    It's easy to say there's no point. I would say, primarily, it's an entry point to the Microsoft Store.
    It's a way to get people onboard with what Microsoft wants to sell.
    Some might say it's a way to get synchronization across devices.

    You'd have to go to a Microsoft website that sells its vision.

    On the other hand, people get wrapped up in the isolation box known as the desktop.
    Someone mentioned I should think outside of the box, but staying in desktop mode only is ONLY inside the box.
    Desktop mode only is the usage that dates back to the origins of a graphical user interface GUI.

    You'd have to do a little research on what exactly the desktop is.
    It's not real, it's a metaphor, it's a compilation of DLL's and Binaries that give the illusion of an active workspace but is actually a group of constructs like the taskbar, the coordinate system for mouse and keyboard, ASCII translation, video rendering etc...

    There is nothing special about its appearance except that square fixed model is what people are used to.

    There is no point for me to try and sell the start / apps.
    I use it differently than others, how others use it, I don't care for, how I use it, others don't care for.
    All I can say is, that they (start / apps) can handle more than a desktop menu by far, more than desktop wallpaper can handle by far because it is multipage. They (start / apps) can handle more than a taskbar or a toolbar. Start / Apps can handle far more than a desktop dock.

    And again, if people complain about scrolling, it's because they don't know how to use it. (semantic zooming doesn't ring any bells / or does apps screen hot keys) At the same time, they would scroll endlessly through websites. Scroll endlessly through file explorer. Scroll endlessly through every program they use. Why don't they complain about that? Also, arguing against full screen paging is nonsense. It is literally no different than memo pages in a pad, or full screen sticky notes.

    Since there is so much vile revulsion with touch, it is pointless to discuss it. But arguments about that fail to make the case as to how easy it is to use with a mouse and keyboard. Still, it is pointless to discuss it because people have been whining for years about how ugly it is.

    I like it because it can do what a desktop menu cannot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Quadrillion View Post
    Well said, pparks
    What's well said?
    Anybody got a Microscope?
    Who operates a PC at 2560 X 1440?
    Who almost never goes full screen?
    You like this?

    Attachment 44532
    No, it looks more like this. So that's my email open, my instant messenger, a web browser, a power shell window, a command line, the calculator, my remote desktop connection app and room to spare. It's on a 27" display at 2560x1440.

    Click image for larger version

    And here is what happens if I drop my resolution to 1920x1080. (it's not pretty)

    Click image for larger version
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    It's all good!

    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there.

    Agree -- the Metro stuff is virtually USELESS on the current desktop.
    I respectfully disagree with this assessment.

    I'm guessing you work in a nice comfy office at a desk all day?

    As an engineer, I need to do work both in my nice comfy office and out at construction sites. Desk jockeys have trouble understanding computing on your feet. So, currently there is zero published applications for people like myself that need some kind of application that works in both a touch/tablet environment and a nice comfy office environment.

    I've been working on such an application, having been a software developer in my past life. I've been developing and field testing the app everyday both in the field and in my office. Sure beats the traditional way of hand-writing out everything like what everyone else currently does.

    There is currently a huge disconnect between desk jockeys and field jockeys. And this is exactly why there are so few applications written for field jockeys right now. Desk jockeys can't imagine what it's like to compute on your feet, and field jockeys don't know how to code.

    Anyway, to say that metro apps are useless on a desktop is misguided. Try carrying a laptop around to do honest to god field work at construction sites and see what I mean. Desktop apps are horrendous to work with in the field. Why? Because they are designed by desk jockeys who have no comprehension of computing on your feet.
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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, livingenzyme.

    Having worked building for a career, I know exactly what you mean. Very well put!
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    Quote Originally Posted by livingenzyme View Post
    There is currently a huge disconnect between desk jockeys and field jockeys. And this is exactly why there are so few applications written for field jockeys right now. Desk jockeys can't imagine what it's like to compute on your feet, and field jockeys don't know how to code.
    Is there any chance it could be because desk jockeys outnumber filed jockeys 100,000 to 1....???

    (note, I made the number up based on absolutely actual factual data whatsoever)
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No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources
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