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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    @arc1020 - decent resolution is worth it even on a smaller screen -- I can EASILY tell the difference - especially for text - between a Samsung S4 and a Samsung S5 (the latter having full 1080p HD output) even though the screen size is just under 5 ins.

    For compressed video - like standard DVD's it doesn't matter -- but try watching even BLU RAY on a standard laptop (1366 X 768 resolution) or a standard 1080p HD TV - quality difference is obvious.

    If you work with a lot of TEXT the higher resolution you can get the better. It makes text a lot easier to work with - especially if you increase the text size view - blurry / small text is VERY BAD for your eyes !! - very important.

    If you use things like photoshop -- very difficult on a low resolution screen -- try and do for instance some decent professional quality image sharpening : use Filter ==>Sharpen==>Unsharp mask -- with poor screen resolution you won't cut it. !!!

    I suppose though people used to listening to highly compressed mp3 music on hideous low quality bud earphones or watching badly made You Tube videos on small cheap mobile devices probably haven't an inkling of what I'm saying here though (sometimes you have to do some Photoshop away from home - you don't always have access to a nice HUGE external monitor).
    That's the point I'm getting at. Why not stick to 16:9, 1920 X 1080 as it's pretty much standard now. I don't see the point of 3:2, 2160x1440. It will have to upsample 1080 video, and even then it won't be able to use the whole of the screen due to the aspect ratio. 3:2 is what it should have been years ago, but it's too late now as 16:9 has already taken hold in a big way (although not always a bad thing as 16:9 does allow more room for having two windows open side-by-side or having pallets open whilst maintaining a decent work area, you just loose vertical resolution).

    As for sharpening in Photoshop, that's rather a mute point because you're only sharpening for YOUR screen. Even though you may get the sharpening looking perfect on your high res screen, if you go by eyesight on your monitor rather than numbers, then it will likely end up looking oversharpened/halo'd on other peoples lower res screens. Personally I'd also use Smart Sharpen rather than Filter ==>Sharpen==>Unsharp mask because with the 'Remove' drop down set to lens blur (instead of Gaussian Blur that Unsharp Mask uses), haloing caused by sharpening is less pronounced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMINENT View Post
    Man, I love how it just keeps getting better and better and cheaper!

    Awesome device at an awesome price. No laptop can touch this versatility at that starting price. It's simply amazing how they engineered this so thin.

    Buying for sure!
    Alright: Keep your hands where I can see them, and step away from the Bong....

    (I kid, I kid...)
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    You can. But it doesn't have a touchscreen, you cannot handwrite notes on it. It weighs more. It doesn't run apps from the Windows store, which some people might have a need for. There is no dock for a MacBook. You cannot rotate a MacBook to look at something from a different perspective. You cannot play Windows games on a MacBook. The list goes on and on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave44 View Post
    Mary Jo Foley @maryjofoley 6h For those asking, the pen is "in the box" with the Surface Pro 3. It's not an additional charge (unless you buy a 2nd pen). #SurfaceNYC
    Thanks for that info. I found a lot of sites saying something else, but I trust Mary Jo Foley way more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    $2129 ? Can get a fine macbook for less.
    I lol'd at all the MacBook Airs in the audience when I watched the live web cast.
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    The specs look good and the physical device looks good. Still too pricy for me, for what it is though. There are just too many other things that I'd spend that kind of money on first.
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    The new Furnace Pro (device for burning up MS's money) looks to be better (at burning money? lol) than the previous fiascos, they are at least improving. Now, will people buy it this time? or feel they need it? Will be interesting. Personally, I'll get me some ultrabook.
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    Ultrabooks are fine, but they are bigger and heavier. If portability is your #1 priority, an ultrabook might not be the ideal solution.

    As a recent owner of my first Mac ever, I can understand why the journalists and such are using the mac's. #1) battery life is very very good, so you don't have to keep your charger with you. #2). It goes to sleep and comes out of sleep instantly. #3). Tools like Time Machine make backups a snap. #4). Tools like FindMyMac give you the ability to remotely shut down and wipe a lost computer...which could happen more frequently if you are a constant traveling journalist.
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    Hi there

    Looking again at the specs this actually might be an OK device -- still a bit pricy but I'd have to see the build quality -- and the idea of having an i5 or i7 in it definitely puts it outside the "Toy category".

    I'd still LOVE a SCREEN MIRRORING capability though -- that WOULD make it a business tool "par excellence".

    Looks like Ms might not be so far off the mark with this one -- adding a decent built in sdHC card reader is also a winner.

    Well "Horsey --Horsey -- UK Lingfield 17.00 race or so or so and Betfair" !!!!!! -- I might be able to have a look at one of these if the horse(s) I choose don't all have 3 legs. !!!.

    --I really like the screen resolution --I don't care what others say I CAN definitely tell the difference between a decent and poor screen resolution - even on a 12.1 inch screen --actually for me the IDEAL portable screen size -- I used to love an old ACSE netbook with a similar screen size (or very slightly smaller --preferred it over larger screen size laptops any day when portability was a question.

    In spite of my earlier agnosticism regarding tablets this one might just fit the bill (if "Horsey Horsey" comes up trumps !!!).

    Still a bit expensive though for the average joe.

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    I still don't believe on the lap this thing is really going to work. There is a nice picture featured in this story that shows the device sitting on the lap.

    Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Flip me over and fondle me up ? The Register

    It's certainly going to be more wobbly than a true laptop. And that's how I use my laptop at home almost exclusively.
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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement
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