Going into damage control mode, Microsoft has yesterday announced that it will conduct an investigation into the labor conditions in a manufacturing plan in Dongguan, China. This move comes after the release of a report by the National Labor Committee (NLC) which details the poor working conditions in the mentioned fan, which is owned by KYE Systems Corp. and, among others, makes and packages Microsoft hardware.

According to NLC, the Chinese factory employs up to 1,000 teenage workers who, like regular employees, have shifts of up to 15 hours a day, earning just a few dollars per shift.

"As a result of this report, we have a team of independent auditors en route to the facility to conduct a complete and thorough investigation. If we find that the factory is not adhering to our standards, we will take appropriate action," said Brian Tobey, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations, Entertainment and Devices at Microsoft.

Tobey says that the KYE factory is inspected annually, with no incident so far but even so, it will take the allegations in the NLC report very seriously.

"Another comprehensive on-site audit of the facility will be conducted next week, with a specific goal of investigating the allegations raised in the NLC report," added Tobey. "In addition, we will have monitors on site pending the results of the inspection."

Source: TechConnect Magazine - Microsoft investing labor condition reports regarding Chinese supplier