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How To Restore The Traditional Windows 7 Start Menu In Windows 8......

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    I tried Vistart - wasn't that keen on it.

    You could see if startmenu 7 works better for you.

    Start Menu 7

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    Hi there
    looks HORRIBLE to me -- I really don't like to be presented with zillions of options on an initial click on a menu.

    I also avoid like the plague any software which suckers you on to a site as FREE software and then says --BTW a PRO (i.e paid for version) will do x, y, z that doesn't exist in the Free version.

    I'm not against marketing or people advertising their wares but this sort of advertising is almost "Sneakerware" -- not as bad as those sites that offer to search and find drivers for you (aka drivermax) for free but then charge you to access the part of the site where they store the (usually public domain) drivers.

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    Aside from open source stuff - pretty much all free software has a paid version too.

    That is fine - the free versions are all many people will need.

    Macrium free is probably the most popular imaging app. around here - it works very well - but it's purpose is to promote the paid version.

    Same with partition Wizard and pretty much everything else.

    You have been around long enough to know all this .

    That is a very odd comment to make, Jimbo.
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    Eighty percent of the applications I use are freeware, most of which also have paid versions. For personal use, the freeware versions are usually enough, however, in those rare situations where the paid version has a feature I feel I really need, I have no problem paying for it. There's really nothing wrong with freeware and if the developers wish to make a living by also offering a paid version, that's fine by me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppa bear View Post
    I have just loaded Windows 8 32bit for the first time and have successfully loaded Vistart. After opening desktop it takes about 30 seconds before the Start Orb appears. While waiting a small window appears saying the program is running. Is that normal?

    Also, while all the menu items are there, if I right click a program in the start menu to send to desktop or whatever, nothing happens. Is this normal?

    This is not a complaint. Just to have the power button alone is worth it. I tried the regedit .exe file by Brink to show the power button, and it appeared briefly, but then disappeared.
    That's the wonders(or blonders) of having 3rd party addons. You can't do everything with an addon you could with a feature that comes included in Windows. No properties screen, no right click options for pinning, copy and paste a shortcut to desktop, etc.!

    The Startmenu 7 did prove to be the best looking while having the shutdown, restart, and logoff items mixed in with the rest and unfortunately no way to rearrange items to see those at the bottom. But the layout was the closest to a normal Start menu only lacking the button.

    ViStart has the button but no way to change shutdown to restart or logoff through the properties screen there. You were stuck with the Vista style pop out side menu for the other two options.
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    There is a button (optional).

    There are also rt click properties

    Click image for larger version
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    That's the Start orb not the shutdown button I was referring to seen with Start menu 7. ViStart has the shutdown without any right click capability for that one.
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    The problem with ViStart, Start8, VistaStartMenu and so on is, that thouse tools change the behavior of your windows gui. I've tested them all so far and dropped em all, because of "collateral damages".

    Although, after working heavy for a month with Win 8 CP (wrote a book about it) - I don't really miss start menu any more - I found a few days ago, that the developer of classicshell finished his long annouced new version that supports Windows 8 CP.

    My suggestion: Give it a try and a closer look. It still uses the old Windows themes, but there are many options to customize the behaviors of the new start menu. So you can (for instance) configure it, that the Windows-key on your keyboard still switches between Windows desktop and start screen - or that the "start" hover still will be shown. Also context menu commands like "pin to taskbar", "pin to startmenu", "run as administrator" etc. are available. The guy did his job pretty well.

    I've discussed a few issues in [2] (unfortunately in German, but Google translate will do the job).

    ClassicShell may be downloaded for free from [1].

    1: Welcome to Classic Shell
    2: Windows 8 CP: Startmenü per ClassicShell « Borns IT- und Windows-Blog
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    Yes, we know - Ivo has already posted about that here.

    Thanks tho - some may have missed his posts.
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    It's a still a good page to add to your IE Favorites or bookmaks however since many will be looking to get the Classic or familiar look back into Windows once the new version is out. So far not one issue with Start menu 7 in use on either install to drive or VM.
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