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Surface Mini to be released in June

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueMasterFX View Post
    So people want bigger phones because other phones are too small. People want tablets, but they're too big to carry around. I remember Steve Jobs keynote and he presented the question on what's in the middle between a phone and a laptop. The answer was a tablet. Simple right? Now people are weird. The next question is, what's in the middle between a tablet and a phone? Well its obviously a Phablet. Capabilities of a phone, but feels like a tablet. Bigger yet smaller. Best of both worlds. Microsoft should already be thinking about this question, not make a Surface Mini. Good concept for Microsoft to think about, but maybe starting those copy machines is the best thing they can do.

    They bought Nokia, so they now have a WP8.x phablet to sell.

    Quoted from Cokie's link afore.

    Microsoft said Surface revenue was $500 million for last quarter. That's a big drop from the $893 million in Surface revenue the company reported for Q4 2013. Still, Surface revenue is up about 50% year over year.

    We can also come up with a pretty good guess as to how many Surfaces Microsoft sold last quarter by assuming an average selling price, or ASP, of each unit. There are a bunch of different Surface models ranging from $299 to over $1,000 in price. Microsoft told us in January that it sells more of the cheaper models, so if we're being kind to Microsoft, let's assume an ASP of $600, which will help account for the ~$100 keyboard cover that's pretty essential to the Surface tablet.

    That comes to about 830,000 Surface tablets sold last quarter.

    Microsoft isn't alone. Apple is struggling with its iPad business too. Growth has stalled, and Wednesday the company whiffed big time on sales expectations. In fact, iPad sales growth was negative for the first quarter of 2014.
    $500M (down approximately $4M in revenue) is not bad, however we'll see what profit they made in their financial report. Overall since Apple's iPad isn't doing well we might speculate that pad-sized devices may not be the market trend, however they'll continue to sell. I'll do some research, but phablets may just be the thing. As a "fanboi" and owner of one for a while, I'm here to tell you that this is a great device.

    Please don't knock it until you've tried it. I have it in a wallet case so I've actually killed three birds with one stone > I don't need to carry around a phone, wallet, and a pad or similar device. All performed on my Lumia 1520. This is a very fast device in not only resource-wise speed, but navigation as well. Now after reading this thread I'll get a pen and a note app to try that out. BTW, this thing fits in my jean pants pocket, although I mostly wear cargo pants or shorts.

    As a personal survey having six children, having thirty nieces & nephews (most with spouses), and seeing all their young friends, I'm seeing more and more of them with phablets. This may be where the market is going. We'll give it another year and see.

    As a side note, though > I get this thing all set up only to hear my fiancée tell me > "So now you can lose everything all at once!" I told her I'll get a chain for it like the bikers wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rxd View Post
    Lol, Microsoft is making up for tablet losses selling keyboards...

    Even Paul Thurrott the biggest Microsoft fan in the world admits they are losing boatloads of money on the Surface.

    i know some people here are MS fanboys but get real...
    Why would that even be an issue? That's just facts not fanboism.
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    The Surface Mini actually reminds me of the ill fated Courier tablet from back when. Basically, it was just a digital notebook purely dedicated as a digital notebook, no more no less. It was killed off because the decision was that it couldn't handle email, but that wasn't the point of it. Although honestly, what would be the point of having a device JUST as a notebook? E-readers are one thing, but a digital notebook?

    Anyways, it's reported that the Mini will have deep integration of OneNote in the system and of course act as a digital notebook. The thing I never got with Courier was that it was basically a tablet with OneNote as the main platform basically. You can take a tablet these days and run OneNote, it's basically Courier.

    Very interesting.
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    Digital notebook would be nice. I always carry a paper notepad around at work. Need to draw pictures, take notes, write down tasks I am working on. While I have a surface pro, it is too big and bulky to haul around everywhere I go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Digital notebook would be nice. I always carry a paper notepad around at work. Need to draw pictures, take notes, write down tasks I am working on. While I have a surface pro, it is too big and bulky to haul around everywhere I go.
    Let alone the fact the Mini is expected to be running on a Qualcomm processor, lot better battery life let's hope.
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Surface Mini to be released in June
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