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Microsoft as a Subscription?

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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    We will have to wait and see what all this really means....

    On the cloud subscription model: "We're well on our way to making that transition in terms of moving from pure licenses to long-term contracts and as well as subscription business model," Nadella told analysts. But he didn't share anything new about when, whether and how Microsoft will move to a subscription model for Windows, as some are expecting.


    WZor also claims that Microsoft is tinkering with the business model for Windows and may make some kind of base-level version of Windows available for free for everyone, but require a subscription to "turn on" the full set of capabilities and features, similar to the way Microsoft requires Office on iPad users to have an Office 365 subscription to do more than just the simplest of tasks with the free version. I haven't heard anything specifically about this from my contacts (yet).

    For the record, I voted maybe.

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    Yes, Great idea, could make things a bit cheaper in the long run but only if M$ pays for fiber to my home other wise
    No, horrible idea, WTH are they thinking?
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    Might as well, the PC, ("Personal Computer"), as we used to know it is rapidly becoming a thing of the past anyway!
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    It will be great for Apple and Linux if Microsoft goes subscription...
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    This is not a cloud based system model, this is a subscription based model, much like Office 365, while Subscription, is installed locally on the System.

    Please do not confuse the 2, they are completely different.
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    I love how everyone AUTOMATICALLY assumes it will be Windows as a cloud OS. It is not, it'll be Windows that requires a yearly or biyearly renewal with the possibility of allowing OEMs to offer add-on services to differentiate from competitors, like 100 gigs of OneDrive storage included in the price versus a different OEM not offering it.

    Office 365 does the same thing, it just requires an annual renewal of licensing to fully use features. You can still use it to read documents if it's expired, but can't edit.

    ALL anti-virus software does this. You pay for one year and one year only. If you don't renew it, you chance getting STDs.

    But Windows as a subscription is more than anything going to be an option, not mandatory for the foreseeable future. Again, Office 365 exists and Office 2013 exists. You can do either or to whatever best suits your needs. This is probably going to be more preferable for enterprises for sure as it means reduced initial licensing fees, and if it works like Office 365, new versions available of Windows that can be installed without licensing issues. This could also entail thin clients to be used, or reusing dead and ancient hardware with the latest of Windows. This could also allow enterprises to run their old software in a virtualized environment without added IT support, cost, and frustration.

    Some people might want to install Windows as a subscription. Office 365's cost is 100 dollars US per year with about 25 gigs of OneDrive storage and support for five PCs or devices. The suite equivalent is Office 2013 Pro Plus, which runs about 500 dollars for ONE PC only and no added OneDrive storage. If Windows had that option, it could be perhaps a 50 dollar a year subscription for three PCs and added OneDrive storage and/or Xbox Music Pass. It's more Windows, for less the cost of individual licensing, with added benefits, and always up to date.

    Instead of freaking out that Microsoft is taking your PC away like mad curmudgeons, maybe it would be better to read into some possible context from the other perspective. Unless if you're a fan of pirating Windows, this may worry you. If you're a fan of having options, this is alright. If you have issues with annual renewal costs, this might not be what you want.
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    Might as well go subscription. They're turning over these OSs faster than you could build highrise lately.

    Teed me off that I bought 8 Pro disk then turn around a year later only to release 8.1 via the Store. There my disk sits collecting dust. Hopefully one of my grandchildren might appreciate it some day.
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    Absolutely not, I absolutely despise the idea of subscription software, cloud-based or not, and in my eyes is more like a racket. Keep paying us money, or we'll kill your software. And on the side subject of Clouds, although off-topic slightly, no matter how much they keep pushing it there's no way I'd be prepared to hand over control of data to cloud services either (and it certainly isn't helped by the US legal system).

    There's a reason why software companies are pushing the idea of subscription software and it's purely because they will make more profit from it (and therefore more money out of my pocket) otherwise they wouldn't be pushing the idea. I've already thought about it quite a bit with Adobe going subscription based and subscription software is not something I'm willing to spend one single penny on. To the point where I have no idea what I will do when I can no longer install Photoshop anymore, because there's no way I will subscribe to Creative Cloud. I think maybe I'll just have a desktop computer setup, not connected to the internet, running all my legacy non-subscription software indefinitely.
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    I agree. Subscription is only a way to squeeze more money out of you. Companies don't do what's good for YOU, they do what's good for THEM.
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    Actually, if you look at it from their perspective and your own,,,

    Let's take Office 2013 as an example.
    Many people (read that as majority) can only afford one license for the entire household.

    Compare the prices here and it will tell you everything you need to know.... office 2013

    you can not beat the price of Office 365, sorry, you can't, especially if you
    have multiple devices that you would like to have office running on.

    So, in the long run,, Office 365 is WAY WAY Cheaper than buying a single use license.

    Granted, if you only have 1 PC that you want Office 2013 on, then it could be cheaper,
    depending on if you want to upgrade later when a new version comes out, then still Office 365 can be cheaper.

    So, if you look at the overall scheme, and they run it cheap enough,, yes, they will make more money, but you will also save more.

    Granted, you can use what you got, so, if Office 2003 is still working for you, great. But is it?
    Probably not. Depending on what you need.

    There is indeed a place for this. Especially if Windows base shell is free.

    While cloud is in the mix, so to speak,,.,,
    Again, this is not Cloud stuff. Don't confuse the issue with cloud.

    It will more than likely be on the same model and Office 365. Guessing here,,, Speculation and all that....

    Install Windows Pro on 5 devices for $99 a year, and get 10G of OneDrive and 60 Skype Min.
    Add Media Center for an addition $10 a year, Add Office for an Additional $20 a year for up to 5 devices.

    If you add that up and break it down,,,
    that is a hell of a lot cheaper than what you have paid over the last 5 years if you upgraded things.

    How many times have you paid for XP? if you ever bought an OEM Desktop or Laptop, you probably paid about $100 per copy of XP.
    How many times did you do that over the last 10 years?

    The economics are there for it to be beneficial for everyone., depending on how they model it.

    Keep in mind, my answer is Maybe.
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Microsoft as a Subscription?
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