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Microsoft as a Subscription?

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    Arc1020. Out of curiosity, did you actually pay for the Adobe software packages that you are running? I've talked to a lot of people who have hacked copies of Photoshop complaining about subscriptions. Same goes for Office 2013.

    These plans don't always entail the vendor making guaranteed more money, but it gives them a dependable revenue stream, unlike what they have now with Office where every few years they release a new version and sell a lot and then slow way down for a period of time. I work for a company that sells software on a subscription basis and has for over 10 years. People pay for only what they need and for when they need it. We are priced extremely affordable compared to our competition therefore with the better product we sell quite a few of these subscriptions.

    Office 365 is a bargain if you need more than 1 copy of office with outlook or greater. Office pro is like $400 per copy. If you buy office 365 at $99 a year, keep 2 copies for yourself and sell 3 of your copies to friends and families for $60 a year, your cost would be $40 a year instead of $800. At this rate, you could "rent"the software for 20 years before you hit that initial $800 investment you would have had originally. And if 2 years in, Office 2013 is replaced by some other whiz bang technology, you can cancel your stuff and only be out the $40/yr for the 2 copies you needed.

    It's hard to not see value here in 365. unless of course, you weren't paying anything for your current installs of Office.
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    So **** em' all big and small
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    Depends. Office 365 seems to be quite successful. So there must be some attractive features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Depends. Office 365 seems to be quite successful. So there must be some attractive features.
    Let's see,
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    I agree to this model only if Microsoft creates a Windows version with bi-annual subscription and another with the well-known licenses. For large corporations it makes a lot of sense to move on to a subscription model for the OS, but that wouldn't be the case for home users (like me for example). I only own one PC, and I don't plan to buy another in some time, so licenses makes more sense to me rather than buying a subscription and spend lots of money annually or I will lose everything on my PC. Actually it is better a license for OS Virtualization...

    Subscription will work well with the Enterprise version of Windows (and will likely stop piracy of this software) but for the Core version, no thanks... license is better. Also, if I am going to buy a PC, license is the best option for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Depends. Office 365 seems to be quite successful. So there must be some attractive features.
    Let's see,
    Don't forget that prior to the subscription model from Microsoft you could get a 3 user copy of Home and Student 2010 for about the same or less money than it now costs for the single user/device version of 2013. That increase in price for the purchased version has made the subscription appear more attractive.

    I am sure the retail cost of Windows would likewise go up to make a subscription appear attractive.
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    Hi there.

    I HATE Monthly "Anythings" whether it's Mortgages, Loans, cable TV etc etc. I've always been one to pay up Front and then forget it -- that way as I get older and my income decreases (as you start to live on Pensions etc) then I want as minimum possible going out of my budget on "monthly outgoings" and I know what I can spend. (Even my House - I was lucky enough to pay Cash for it -- now it's great that I don't have to pay often around 1000 - 2000 USD a month FOR EVER on something that I don't own and money that goes into someone else's pocket. - When you get to Pension age having to pay that sort of money out as Rent is a large chunk and a TOTAL WASTE !!!!.

    I don't mind paying for "Service consumption" like Utility bills, TV / movie subscription services etc because that's CONSUMPTION for services being used -- same as going into a supermarket and buying food.

    I could see the point of short term Leasing of a Car for example - it's cheaper than renting one (by far usually) and if you only want it for a few months (example work assignments away from Home) then that type of service makes sense.

    I don't see an OS though as a "Consumption" item -- I might install it and it could be good for 7 or 8 years -- look at XP for example - and you can rest assured that a company will only introduce this type of model if it thinks it will make MORE money than by using the existing model.

    In any case for things like OFFICE 365 most Govts add taxes on (VAT etc) so you can never be quite sure how much it will cost. In parts of Europe that's a wallet busting 20% so @Pparks1 your subscription price you quote there has to be increased by another 20%.

    If Windows does go fully subscription I won't buy into it -- I'll just run my current Windows as VM's (which I do anyway) on a Linux distro Host (free) and if security becomes a problem just use Linux for the Internet - there are plenty of decent browsers -- Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Konqueror to name but a few.

    Adobe has done the same for Photoshop -- so a lot of people including me are sticking with CS6 - and also remember THE GIMP is improving to the state now that unless you need some of the really "pro" features of Photoshop (I do BTW) the GIMP is a very passable alternative.

    Older Ms Office documents aren't going away either -- I can see Ms Office 2010 working for a LONG time yet.

    Windows Subscription -- no I'm OUT.

    BTW Home / Student editions of Ms Office 2007 / 2010 valid on 3 machines - around 80 USD if my memory is correct - and Enterprise Use at Home editions were either Free or you paid around 5 USD for the physical DVD medium.

    If it all goes subscription I'm sure the Pirating fraternity will hack some method of activating it -- so it might not be as profitable for Ms as they think -- and who wants a computer that regularly has to "Phone Home" to make sure the activation is valid and the subscription OK -- I have a couple of Machines that I NEVER use on the Internet.

    For BUSINESSES though subscription is fine -- guarantees up to date software / maintenance etc etc - and ensures users can't pirate the company's software. I'm assuming that this thread is directed to HOME / INDIVIDUAL users rather than a BUSINESS.

    (Also in most tax dominions Businesses can claim tax DEDUCTIONS for these types of services -- HOME users can't).

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    And i bet you will get some creepy ads in the middle of your documents But all this going online thing is being created not for good things.
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    All in the cloud, sooner or later something about every document, spreadsheet etc being read by MS (similar to email practices > Yahoo, Google and Apple also claim right to read user emails | Technology |, in reality giving away rights and ownership of the whole soup, & used for 'better user experience' (targeted advertising etc). Anyway, probably just the direction the world evolves, for good or for bad. Probably bad IMO.
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