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Forbes Magazine Warning On 8.1

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    Hi there
    W8 wasn't actually a bad concept - but the manner in which it was flogged definitely was Marketing error 101 -- anybody with the slightest nous about marketing could have predicted that the way W8 was sold to the public was totally rubbish.

    Nothing wrong in a Mobile centric OS -- but it's obvious that this should have been a boot up / configuration choice -- on a Tablet use the Tiles / touch version at boot, on a desktop boot straight to desktop unless the user wants to use the Mobile (tiles) straight away.

    Windows 8.1 is what SHOULD have been presented -- update 1 merely improves it.

    People like FORBES and especially GARTNER should stick to Wall st etc -- their predictions of what happens in I.T are about the same as what you could ascertain by RANDOM GUESSING. Windows 8.1 IS NOT GOING AWAY -- all people have to do is update (FREE) to windows 8.1 update 1 then the updates etc will behave normally.

    As for the Start menu -- Ms perhaps should have weaned people off it -- I'm quite surprised by the amount of web chatter that topic caused -- but by using custom toolbars etc you can actually make a more flexible system than by Ms's fairly rigid menu system.

    If you are in marketing and have a product / feature well liked and used by over 1 Billion people it really doesn't make much sense to remove it at a single stroke without warning customers and suggesting what to use as an alternative.

    So Windows 8 --Marketing disaster -- Ms abandoning W8.1 --NOT TRUE if you simply do the update.

    Finally IGNORE any predictions concerning I.T from above all GARTNER and FORBES.


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    This is a total non-story. If choose not to apply updates through windows update that is your decision. I don't have Windows 8.1.1 - I have 8.1 with various patches which were automatically applied. Why Microsoft should support someone's decision to arbitrarily not install some update is beyond me. Either you take their recommendations or don't. It is your choice.
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Forbes Magazine Warning On 8.1
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