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Microsoft: Japanese bank moves 30,000 terminals from Wind

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    Microsoft: Japanese bank moves 30,000 terminals from Wind

    Microsoft: Japanese bank moves 30,000 terminals from Windows XP to Windows 8 "Source"
    Wow just Wow. . .Guess these guys are just a bunch of dummies, they must not have been reading all the bad news on the "Win 8 Forums. . .

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    Maybe they just had a yen for touch screen?
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    Hi there.

    A lot of people probably mis-understand this -- the XP in ATM's is embedded XP - not the XP you run on your desktop.

    Still most of the problems Banks have been having (in Europe last year 100'000's of customers of several big banks were unable to use DEBIT / CREDIT cards or get cash from ATM's) weren't anything to to with the ATM network -- but OUTSOURCING I.T operations to companies who obviously hadn't got the experience of TESTING new software AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE before rolling it out. IMO trying to do this stuff "On the Cheap" NEVER pays off.

    The ATM network could run embedded XP until the NEXT millennium without any problems -- the ATM just sends and receives various calls to and from the remote servers -- not a difficult part of the process. However for ADDING new facilities to ATM's then a new OS is necessary -- but with the increasing use of Mobiles for all sorts of purchases one can see a time where it's rare to carry Cash any more.

    I buy Rail / Plane tickets too now with a Mobile -- I did a train journey in the U.K recently from London Kings X to Hull in E. Yorkshire to look at a site for a new Wind turbine manufacturing plant and the whole ticket was delivered and checked as an "M-Ticket" -- no paper no cash. The ticket inspector / conductor on the train just scanned the Bar code on the mobile phone.

    Which routes can I have a Mobile ticket?

    This type of purchase will come increasingly common making less need for ATM's -- in any case I almost NEVER use an ATM in a public place -- I use "Cash Back" at my local Bar or supermarket these days -- much better (AND SAFER).

    So looks like Japanese banks have spent a bundle of cash that they didn't need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Microsoft: Japanese bank moves 30,000 terminals from Windows XP to Windows 8 "Source"
    Wow just Wow. . .Guess these guys are just a bunch of dummies,..............
    We all know they aren't a bunch of "dummies". Maybe some of us in here (me in particular) are included in that!
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    This is a big sale for MS.

    @ Jumbo

    The article states their whole system got moved to 8 with efficiency, not just ATMs. ALL terminals. Seems like they're happy customers with the move.

    Also, not all people have smart phones, so your scenario is not applicable to all as of yet and may never be. I know people that dislike smart phones and computers in general. Do we agree with that for the most part? No. Not as geeks. We find it difficult to understand how anyone could live in this modern age without one, but they manage.

    Lol! My fiancée being one. She uses a computer to look up her work schedule and bank account, but that's about it. I can't convince her to get a smart phone. She'll beep beep beep that flip phone texting someone until her fingers bleed, but cannot convince her that a smart phone would be faster. I tease her saying beep beep beep while she's texting. I'll never understand it.
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    I'm still trying to get past the part were it insinuates people have money in the bank.
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Microsoft: Japanese bank moves 30,000 terminals from Wind
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