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Microsoft to Release Windows 8 Professional Plus, Ultimate Versions

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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Night Hawk View Post
    ... Of course you also need to look at the companies still seeing older networks and running 2000 Pro/XP Pro looking now to upgrade.
    I don't upgrade PC running XP or 2000, they are too old. I sell them brand new Dell, ( we are talking business here ) The most popular for business customer cost around $ 500 and come only with Pro or Premium, I don't see myself changing them for another OS + install.
    Anyway, I don't see where is the problem for peoples if Microsoft continue to offer Pro, but I see a huge one for myself if they don't
    I wasn't referring to hardware but OS wise. Obviously a business planning to upgrade into a new version of Windows will be inversting in new pcs as well.

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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Here's the snip from the Registry
    Click image for larger version
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    nine versions actually i guess

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    1st W10 Professional x64/W7 Ultimate x64 - 2nd Remote system: W10 Insider Builds/W7 Professional

    The Enterprise Evaluation edition sounds like something more on the lines of a developer's version for network builing and likely won't see any retail application. The ARM and Pro Plus however will be two brand editions to the retail lineup.

    The emphasis seen with the ARM and Metro UI is focusing on Touch Screen technologies overall as well as tablet and Windows Phone. A few currently running tv series have implemented touch screen presentation into the shows since 7 but are emphasizing it a little more lately. Two shows in particular are NCIS LA and Hawaii 5.0.
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Microsoft to Release Windows 8 Professional Plus, Ultimate Versions
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