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Microsoft offers users $100 toward Windows 8 devices.....

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    Microsoft offers users $100 toward Windows 8 devices.....

    As the end of Windows XP support on April 8 approaches, Microsoft is making available a new trade-in offer for those willing to switch their XP machines for Windows 8.1 ones.

    Microsoft is offering Windows XP users $100 toward their purchase of a Surface Pro 2 or other select Windows 8.1 PCs worth more than $599.

    The offer runs from March 20, 2014 until June 15, 2014, or "while supplies last," according to the offer page on Microsoft's online site. The offer is available in select Microsoft retail and online stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. ARM-based Surface 2s are not included among the machines that qualify. There's a one device limit, and the $100 credit isn't available on prior orders or purchases.

    Those who take advantage of the offer also get 90 days of free support for their new Windows 8 devices from Microsoft. Microsoft is also touting availability of the free Laplink data-transfer service, allowing users to move their files, photos, music and settings to new PCs, as part of the package.
    Read more at: Microsoft offers users $100 toward Windows 8 devices with XP trade-in offer | ZDNet

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    MS keeps 'upping the ante'!
    Maybe XP users should wait til the 11th hour and see if they can get a new OS completely free!
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    ^^^ lol, or maybe relaunch the $39.99 upgrade offer from 2012\early 2013, initially failed miserably in attracting any large response from xp\w7 users (tileworld-only religion scaring users away IMO), but with the upcoming xp situation such an offer may work better this time. Personally, I'd get me another 8 license if that offer was there again.
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    Personally, I'd get me another 8 license if that offer was there again.
    So would I, in a heartbeat!
    I'd even put XP back on my machine to upgrade from, if that's what it would take!
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    this is the deals I have come across and the special offers for those coming off xp

    Microsoft Business - Deals & Offers
    and you can take a look at this pdf I attached
    This came from Microsoft to me as brochures to hand out for my seminars and clients
    Microsoft offers users 0 toward Windows 8 devices..... Attached Files
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    If I could get my Digi-001/Pro Tools 6.4 to run on Windows 8, I MIGHT be tempted to do something like this. But people who use XP in Work Environments do it because the software they need won't run at all on Vista and Above. I tried installing Pro Tools 6.4 into a Windows 7 Box, I was able to get it to install, but the iLok drivers were locked out, without them, the program won't start. So it's got to be XP or nothing. I'll be grabbing every XP update that I need up until the last day.

    A friend of mine had Signlab, and it would not work in Vista/7, it was a Windows 98 program. I had to install it to XP and then Jiggle some stuff around to make it work, I had to do stuiff to make the HASP driver be seen by the Program. It's just until he can afford the 500 bucks for the newest version of Signlab, he sends in the old Hasp and they'll give him a USB Hasp, and then we can update. The Key is in the HASP.
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Microsoft offers users $100 toward Windows 8 devices.....
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