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Why Have Most Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded to Windows 8.1?

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    just pointing out the drawbacks

    Hi Coke/Gypsie,
    Understand what your saying Coke, but the average user wont know which is the correct recovery partition to use, and when you goto disc management, all you get when you right click is help, which takes you to a standard MS page.

    Gypsie not looking for help, happy enough with the way my lapptops running, allthough an explanation of what these partitions represent might be handy if your going down the recovery road, as this is a standard OEM setup.

    My main point was about the number of recovery partitions AFTER upgrading to 8.1


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    Ok. I see. May as well continue here for this older thread is off topic anyway. I'm on my phone so I'm a little inhibited to answer with tutorials and can't see system specs.

    The OEM recovery partitions are of no use in agreeing with CokeRobot, however, you'll need some other means of recovery if or when you desire to eliminate those partitions. They take up HD space IMO.

    You may want to look into mirroring, which is the best means IMO. Someone else will have to advise you on that right now or I'll be back on my tower PC later on this afternoon to explain.
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    Can't edit posts on the phone either. In addition if you have install media, it has the option of formatting the whole drive, but I would think you don't want to mess with the UEFI partition.
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    Decided to get back on the tower for a bit to clear things up. Went too quick with me previous posts. It dawned on me now you have a used laptop that had 8 installed and you upgraded to 8.1 via the Store. I had 7, then upgraded to 8 via purchased install disk, and upgraded to 8.1 via the Store. It did not create a partition during the 8.1 upgrade process as seen below, so I have no idea on that one. I kept a partition in anticipation to dual boot with upcoming 9RPs.

    Your OEM recovery partitions are only useful for recovering back to 8, then upgrade again to 8.1 via the Store. This would be a long process. You could keep the recovery partitions, but IMO wouldn’t. I do and would advise to mirror for recovery. I use Macrium Free to do so. Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Help Forums

    To eliminate or combine your partitions is beyond my knowledge, so others would have to help you there.

    Whatever you decide, back up all of your important files and read all tutorial warnings before doing so.

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi Gypsie,
    i do have macrium.
    and your dawning is correct thats why i posted in this thread, especially as 1 of the recovery partitions is between C & D, certainly not ideal, and from Brinks posting this AM re a required security updated in 8.1 only adds to the fact that a lot more are going to have to upgrade, then decide to clean up thier drive and probably end up here saying i used the wrong recovery partition and i stuck with nothing!!, most likely OEM users like me. But the question still stands WHICH recovery partition do you use or copy


    and i know about the hidden partition that doesnt show in disc management
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Why Have Most Windows 8 Users Not Upgraded to Windows 8.1?
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