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XP Market Share Climbs Again

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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Nothing dramatic will happen. Those users will just do business as usual. The whole April saga reminds me the W2K discussion
    Do you mean W2K or Y2K? It does remind me a bit of Y2K; but there is a difference. One month in after Y2K, for instance 1 Feb 2000, and the world hadn't ended, people were fairly confident that Y2K wasn't a problem any more. Well not until 1 Jan 2100 anyway .

    But some major XP attack could still happen six months down the line - XP users aren't 'safe' when they get past April 2014.

    I also believe MS are covering themselves - because they've been going on so much about how XP is insecure after April, if there is some big attack on XP, they can say 'we told you so'. If they hadn't done this, maybe XP users would try complaining, taking MS to court or whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by adamf View Post
    I have to say I can't understand how it could grow. Existing users not upgrading doesn't result in increased market share unless the market is shrinking and users of later OS are more likely to abandon PCs alltogether. Perhaps it's like that - who knows....
    Maybe people are using their existing XP install media to replace the OS on their new PCs.
    I find it so hard to believe that people are doing this.
    I'd be surprised if it were a significant number.

    An XP VM should be sufficient for most people.
    I created an XP VM and installed my old games on it.
    There was only 1 game that wouldn't run in the VM.
    W7 couldn't run it either
    It would only install/run on an actual XP installation (hardware not virtual).

    Speaking of XP VMs, how do we know that the increase isn't an increase in XP VMs?
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    Speaking of XP VMs, how do we know that the increase isn't an increase in XP VMs?
    I just did that myself last week. I had an old license for XP SP1 and decided to install it in VM and it runs like a charm.
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    I have XP in a virtual machine as well and do run it from time to time.

    I think my favorite part of that OS was the animated search puppy.

    I wonder if Microsoft is asking themselves: "XP -- did we do such a good job that people just don't see any reason to upgrade, or with 8 did we get it so wrong that ... people don't see any reason to upgrade?"

    At least I think people should upgrade to 7. Nicer interface, more secure, better performing.
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    I think the main reason that users are not upgrading to 7/8 or 8.1 is actually both, people who doesn't see why they have to upgrade when their PC works great; and of course, some old PC just cannot handle newer versions of Windows and have no interest (or money) for upgrading their hardware.
    I think from April-October people will be very comfortable with their OS, but if that market share continues the same way, I'm afraid bad things will happen to those XP users!
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    Many people are not savvy enough to upgrade. They will be on XP until the day their computer no longer turns on. Then they will replace it with a tablet.
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    I have older rigs running XP at my small home office, but my newer computers need more than a 13 years old OS. For older hardware it's a natural way to go. At the other hand people with new cheap hardware have an option to use a functional "abandonware", that paired with some third-party software can still do much job and gain some lifetime in the "market".

    Please, correct if I'm wrong, but abandonware is the right term to use when official support ends, isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Many people are not savvy enough to upgrade. They will be on XP until the day their computer no longer turns on. Then they will replace it with a tablet.
    .....or they'll try to replace it with another XP machine.
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    The problem with a lot of older XP system is there are no drivers for Windows 7 or 8. I have an old HP laptop that came with XP and HP did not supply drivers for Windows 7 on that hardware. I updated to Windows 7 and was able to hack the sound driver from another laptop and get that to work but the built in card reader is hopeless. I did a lot of digging trying to match the hardware ID's and find drivers. The hinge finally broke so I have to prop up the screen but its only used when I travel. Looking at a smart phone or convertible tablet as a replacement but not in a hurry. I imagine a lot of systems can't upgrade the OS will just hang on until their hardware dies.

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    Yes, a hardware fail is what will retire the old rig from the market share, not a lack of technology in the OS. When everything fails even a Windows 9.x/NT computer can save your life !
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XP Market Share Climbs Again
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