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I've been wondering if this is the way to go since it's been revealed. I'm all for options. While I welcome this, since i'm currently using Skinery Tiles to do the same thing, it is limiting in that you can only use certain apps. These of course do not include the system apps... ones I use most often and would like to incorporate on my start screen.

I've come to the conclusion that I like it, however, I want the option to have a background image too. I want both. This would be the ultimate unified experience using the same Onedrive for alternating backgrounds on W8.x and syncing the same for phone. This needs to happen now. It's the only way and why Windows will soon be awesomely one.

Like this.

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it would be nice to be able to customize the screen - as someone who NEVER uses facebook or twitter I would much rather have other apps there that I could choose myself.

Above asll I would like a MINIMUM of bloatware installed -- some of the Android phones out there now have zillions of "pre-installed apps" none of which I ever use.

If it's all about "monetisation " - simply have some tariff's that might cost a few cents more a call or slightly less free minutes -- and make up the difference that way.

If you really NEED or use 6000 minutes talk time a month on your phone you really need to GET A LIFE. !!!!