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Report: Windows 8.1 Update 1 to be released April 8th...

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    They could have released a new desktop os. A few under the hoods incremental improvements, one or two nice features, like refresh. That is what a laptop buyer is looking for of course. There would have been quite a few who used to buy windows notebooks still switching to other simple devices - but they never needed windows in the first place. They bought the cheap laptops/netsbooks because that was all there was.

    Yes, of course sales would have been better. But MS is looking for something else.

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    Ok. I’ll play your with your Titanic analogy. Remember, the Titanic would have survived had the gash been not so long as to open so many hull compartments.

    Admittedly MS Titanic 8 hit an iceberg, but the gash opened but a few compartments and the ship listed. They hurriedly got it back to dry dock for repairs. Afterwards to save face they rechristened it MS Titanic 8.1. All was performed in an expedient amount of time and reissued free tickets. Instead of bolting down all the deck chairs, they left some lose so some passengers are able to rearrange some to their liking. More will stay onboard to enjoy the cruise. Full steam ahead for smooth sailing.

    OUR desktop, just as “(xp\w7)”, continues on just as always. It’s not going anywhere any time soon. Not until we reach the Jetsons’ time period anyway.

    After the deal with Nokia is closed, they’ll get RT to run on the phone also. They are probably writing code to do so already. I bet all this was in the plan long before 8 was released.

    When the general public finds out that an OS will run across all devices and sync their data the other two won't stand a chance to grow.

    BTW, can you say Motorola? How about Apple bailout?
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    Plus, I can't multitask or watch Flash tv, have a stand or lightweight keyboard on their tablet, or even purchase a decently sized screen for a phone.

    Android is much the same minus the phone screen size. Then, there's the limitations of Chrome OS, why bother?

    Until someone comes up with something better unified to offer, it's MS all the way.
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    I think MS have learned now, if you are going to boil frogs - you have to get the temperature right.

    I will be interested to see if they manage it.
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Report: Windows 8.1 Update 1 to be released April 8th...
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