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One Drive .. 100 GB free

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    One Drive .. 100 GB free (Updated)

    Just logged in to my SkyDrive account to update it to the new OneDrive and was given an extra 100 GB free ... check it out not sure how long this is open for....

    I just updated my android phone to the new OneDrive app and started to upload my photos, and checked this link ( for more details and received the 100 GB on top of my 28 GB, I had 25 free previously and received 3 GB for the new app, then the 100 GB on top.

    Edit: Update
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    It is offering me 3gb if I sync photos, plus 500mb for each referral.

    No mention of 100gb. Maybe that is to hook in Android users?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    It is offering me 3gb if I sync photos, plus 500mb for each referral.

    No mention of 100gb. Maybe that is to hook in Android users?
    I used my desktop to go to my OneDrive account and there was the 100 GB added... try other combinations..

    Just found this about the extra GB's
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    I think I read somewhere that for 100,000 users they were going to give them 100GB of free storage for one year, but I don't know what the criteria was to get it.

    Even with that said, what I would like to ask of you cloud users is, why pay them for cloud storage when you have other options;

    Would your own device from Western Digital not be a more secure alternative?

    My Cloud

    one of the reviews;

    WD My Cloud review: A better, more secure alternative to cloud storage | PCWorld

    With the My CloudEX4 you can even stream your media.

    I am really curious why you choose to rent space, with the WD servers you can even set them up in Raid configurations.
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    As of now all my storage (128 GB) is free from MS.....can't beat free....
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    Microsoft just sent me a redeem code for 20GB extra!!
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    A Microsoft Surface got me 200GB of Storage
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    Glad someone got something from this post......
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    Looks like it was for the first 100.000 to log on. Not working now. There will be other promotions, I have no doubt, much smaller, though.
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    Didn't work for me, when I tried a code it just came up with the following:

    Click image for larger version

    But looking at a screenshot from someone who did get the 100GB, it seems to be time-limited for just a year anyway?

    Click image for larger version
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One Drive .. 100 GB free
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