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Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times

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    Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times

    We receive a good deal of feedback from the Windows Phone community and one request remains consistent - reduce the time required to certify my app. Over the last several months we have been redesigning our certification workflow to substantially reduce turn-around time while maintaining app quality.

    Over the past few weeks we have been rolling out the new streamlined workflow as we prepare for the next stage of growth and scale. While still in the early in the roll out, we’ve seen turn-around time of less than one day and in some cases just one hour.

    With these changes, you’ll also notice an improved approach to delivering certification results. In place of the standard PDF attachment, developers will now receive an email notification indicating testing is complete with App Review results available on their Dev Center Dashboard - keeping all important app information in one easy to access location. We’ve also updated the format to make the results easier to read and included your app icon for instant identification, to help those of you who have multiple apps. While you’re in the Dashboard checking your App Review results, you’ll also want to take a look at the enhanced app download and in-app purchase file exports. Both now contain additional data elements (app version, language, age group, gender, phone manufacturer and mobile operator) to give you added user insights.

    Please note it will take several more weeks to roll out the changes and get the entire Windows Phone community onto the new workflow. Thank you for your patience while we make the transition.

    For those of you who also develop for Windows, we recently made improvements to the Windows app submission process to give you added control including the ability to choose the release date and time for your app, as well as change that release date while your app is in certification. We also added the ability to remove and restore your app’s listing, which is handy if you need to evaluate a concern or fix a bug. Over time we will continue to make improvements and reduce certification times for Windows developers as well.

    Please continue to provide feedback, we’re listening.

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    I bet Kari will be happy to read this!
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    I'm going to start poking around Windows Phone app development, I already have a few apps in mind to cook. I already know it's going to be like this...
    Click image for larger version
    There was once a time, a VERY long time ago, where compulators were of witch craft nature to me. Software development is the last witch craft sorcery to figure out.

    But I'm pretty excited about Windows Phone app developing because of the attitude Windows Phone developers have of that if there isn't an official version of an app made for the platform because the company/developer just doesn't care to do so EVEN though everyone and their dog complains about that lack of app, there is a Windows Phone developer that comes in and builds something awesome in lieu of that because no one else will. I love that and want to be part of that.
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Reduced Windows Phone Certification Times
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