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Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Admittedly 8/8.1 is not MSís biggest hit as of date, but we have a ways to go until 9 release. On the other hand, it is not a failure like Vista either. Itís just that itís a drastic change > Change that I see some having difficulties with. At first it was a love-it-or-hate-it OS. Then as time went on some (seeing that it was a solid OS with added features) warmed up to it. 8.1 helped out even more so for the ďDesktoppersĒ had more options. Then even more warmed up to it. I think the whole concept will eventually come around.

    I donít know the exact numbers for each division, but even if MS breaks even or loses a little in one division, they are well diversified to make it up in others. All in all MS continues to do quite well at making profit, which increases form year to year: Microsoft Investor Relations - Press Releases

    OEM/MS relationship has been a strange affair from time to time through the years IMO. They got into spats just like anyone does. I would guess MS wanted to set the pace on how itís going to be done, while diversifying with Surface hardware along with Xbox, and other peripherals, also adding Nokia this year. Nothing wrong with companies diversifying if performed properly, although I think theyíve got some learning to do so far as marketing. I see Lenovo and some others are performing somewhat well while others are struggling. Windows 8 was no secret to OEMs while being designed and created so their engineering departments could get on the drawing boards.

    Touch UI is not at all anything new. Itís been around for ages. MS is stepping up to the plate and taking it a lot further in their new vision of how users/people will interact with devices, keeping in mind that the keyboard and mouse will continue to be input devices and always will be. Personally I have no problem navigating 8/8.1 with them whatsoever, although I prefer the keyboard at my desk tower and I prefer touch on other devices. It doesnít mean that they canít coexist.

    Obviously MS in their vision sees touch UI an ever increasing means of human / machine interaction. Theyíre not alone. Other companies have been doing so with others entering the arena also. Hereís just one example: TouchTunes | Home Amazing tech and donít forget the services that come along with.

    You can read all about it here straight from the horseís mouth confirmed by an auditor. You can read Ballmerís goodbye letter to investors and even meet the new boss, whom I think will lead MS even farther into the new direction they chose to take. Microsoft Investor Relations

    Have a good day and happy computing. With that Iíll post with Alt/S to make it a total of 10K posts.
    While I applaud your heart felt dissertation, the facts remain that it costs them any where from 3 to 10 times as much to sell a copy of Windows 8 then it did/does Vista. I also suspect a vast majority of users, use it only because of third party software add on's like Start8, Classic Menu and such (these saved Windows 8 from being a total disaster, in my opinion).

    Again, Windows 8 with all it's drawbacks, I don't think it can compete in a tablet world either, simply because it doesn't have meaningful apps people can use.

    Honestly, I think it may be Microsoft's most costly failure to date. Even their stock holders are trying to sue them for misrepresentation. I believe future versions of Windows may have many of Windows 8 innovations, but, it will certainly not be anything as these versions have presented it.
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    Yeah. It's not like most of the beta testers weren't screaming "no way" for the desktop, at least. It was very arrogant of the company to continue trying to force its will on the general public, when they knew it's not what the general public wanted as a whole for desktop.

    If they made Windows 8 strictly for tablets and didn't call it Windows: say, "Winlet 1.0" - the world would have applauded them and their name would have carried on in pure greatness with the momentum they once had right after creating Windows 7.

    I am by no means a businessman. I actually don't know the first thing. But I could have done better as head of company in last few years.
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Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold
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