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Chrome 32 takes Windows 8.1 way beyond any Windows 8 app

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    Chrome 32 takes Windows 8.1 way beyond any Windows 8 app

    If you use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and are a Google fanatic, you're going to love the latest version of Chrome. It's a standard browser for the desktop; it's a browser app for the Start Screen; it's the Chrome OS; it's an oddity and much more, all in a neat little package. You really have to see it to believe it. I'll describe how to download, install, and use Google Chrome 32 in Windows 8.1.

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    Nice - but I can't use RoboForm with it........disadvantage for me.
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    Technically, that's not a Windows 8 app, it's a Win32 and not WinRT so therefore, it's just a typical Desktop app. Basically, it's just an install almost of chrome OS which replicates the Windows 7 Desktop that is replicated on Windows 8.1. I do not get it whatsoever. Marketing move for chromebooks?...
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    Did they made version 32 for Windows stable yet?

    Now I'm using one alpha/nightly version 34 of Chromium and I did't noticed anything odd so far.

    It's always an AppData install, no way to install it in Program Files...
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    I thought the article was silly, nothing more than an install tutorial.

    I do have Chrome installed on all of my machines, I use it the most, Firefox 2nd and IE for whatever remains. The one thing I wish Firefox and IE had were the synch function of Chrome. If you change something on one machine, you can bring Chrome up on another, log out and then back in and it will synch to the latest changes, I really, really, really like this.

    Overall, I like all the features of Chrome, but it doesn't behave well, whereas Firefox is next to flawless and IE is, well, it is just IE. I kind of chuckle at IE, I view it as the plain Jane of the browser world.
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Chrome 32 takes Windows 8.1 way beyond any Windows 8 app
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