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Who makes the best disk drives?

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    Who makes the best disk drives?

    Finally, someone with enough volume to test significant numbers of drives comes clean. There are drives to buy and drives to avoid.

    Backblaze - the cloud backup company - continues to share their drive experience with us onesy-twosy buyers. It's informative.

    Backblaze, which open sourced their Storage Pod a few years ago, is now giving drive failure rates. They currently have over 27,000 consumer grade drives spinning in Backblaze storage pods.

    Almost 13,000 each are Seagate and Hitachi drives, almost 3000 Western Digital drives and a too small for statistical reporting smattering of Toshiba and Samsung drives.

    One cool thing: Backblaze buys drives the way you and I do: they get the cheapest drives that will work. Their workload is almost hundred percent write. Because they spread the incoming writes over several drives their workload isn't very performance intensive either.

    Also, like you and me, they are willing to spend a little more for a more reliable drive but not a lot more. And unlike you and me they track every single drive that they install.

    They measure the annual failure rate (AFR) rather than MTBF because that's an easier number to understand. They count as a failure anytime they have to replace a drive. Of course, vendors report that about half of all returned drives have no trouble found – but I like Backblaze's definition better.

    Read more at: Who makes the best disk drives? | ZDNet

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    Boxers or briefs?

    Talk to a dozen computer tech's across the USA and ask each one "What brand of drive do you have the most failures with?"
    And, no two will give you the same story. Not Exactly the same story anyway.

    I've personally found that environment affects different brands of drives differently.

    I found the comments about Hitachi drives almost laughable. Deskstar? Really? Are you kidding me? Those used to be the IBM drives and across the tech community they were called "Deathstar" drives. I replaced many of those in my own Computer business. I'd NEVER buy one.

    Ages ago, WD made a pretty good drive, but in later years, their quality and reliability has gone right down the toilet.
    It's not a brand I want to have to rely on.

    Overall, with a few model exceptions, Seagate is still the drive I buy and install for all my customers. It's what I run here, as my main drive. MY backup drive (1TB) is a Samsung, a company that has come a long way in the past few years.
    I've not had to replace even ONE Seagate drive in the past decade, while most of the Seagate drives I've installed, replaced failed WD drives. Many of those were in External Drive Enclosures.

    But in the final synopsis, it all comes down to personal preference. Eh?

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    I had a 30GB deathstar and it never failed on me. Still spins up to this day. Only drive I ever really avoided was the 7200.11 Seagate and Maxtors.
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    Looks like Seagate is the one to avoid. And the only drive I had ever fail was a Seagate. Funny coincidence. My best drive is a 2.5" Fujitsu external. This one is being hauled around a lot and never fails - knock on wood.
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    The only 2 dodgy drives I had were Seagate . An old Maxtor is still going fine. Noticeably slower than my WD , though.
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    My old 640GB Maxtor still plows along too. It is only a bit noisy. I use it only as 3d image storage option on the desktop. 1st is an internal disk and 2nd is an external USB3 attached SSHD. The latter ones are of course a lot faster. But who cares, I just minimize (hide) Macrium and go on working.
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    Stop telling me about this with Seagate lol. I just cloned my WD system/boot drive to a faster Seagate I was given, and now the Seagate is my system/boot drive.

    ehhhh well at least it's the only one that can go down that won't screw me over. I can always setup Windows again, np. I have backups for my music, but not my videos.
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    Well holy crap, this totally validates my assumption that Seagate drives are shoddy. Almost EVERY SINGLE hard drive I've ever come across over the years that crapped out prematurely have almost all been Seagates. My last Seagate drive died, the Seagate before that one crapped out, and several 2.5" Seagates I've come across have crapped out. Even my current Seagate 1 TB drive had some disk errors literally in less than a year of use.

    Yep, I'm staying away from Seagate.

    Currently, I'm using two 3TB Toshiba hard drives that I bought from Newegg on a KILLER sale for under 200 dollars, which is amazing consider the price per gig ratio and the fact the two are internal hard drives. I'm hoping those last, Toshiba backs these particular drives with a three year warranty on top of my extended 1 year warranty.
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    Surprised to learn Hitachi scored so well.

    I currently have 4 @TB Seagate Greens, internal, and 1 Seagate 4TB external usb 3.0
    So far, no issues.
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    I'm also surprised to read about the Hitachi high scores and will keep that in mind for the future. I've had many more 'premature' failures with Seagate (not to mention more noise) than WD, so have gradually replaced the SG drives in my machine with WD Black. Have yet to jump the progress barrier to SSD but am considering it if and when finances and drive reliability allow.
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Who makes the best disk drives?
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