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Who makes the best disk drives?

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    Windows 8.1 64 bit (updt)

    In my family we still use :

    IDE interface internal:
    4x Maxtor drives (<= 300 GB)
    3x 320 GB Seagate
    2x 40 GB IBM Deskstar
    8x WD 320GB

    IDE interface external:
    2x 80 GB IDE Toshiba 2.5"
    1x 120 GB Maxtor
    1x 200 GB WD
    1x 250 GB WD

    SATA internal:
    4x 500 GB Samsung
    4x 500GB WD
    2x 1T Samsung
    2x 1T WD
    4x 1.5T Samsung
    4x 2T WD

    SATA external:
    1x 1T WD
    1x 1.5T Samsung
    1x 2T Seagate
    1x 3T WD

    So far, in the last 15 years, we had 3 Maxtors, 2 Seagates and 2 WD's that died on us.
    I bricked a 40 GB IBM Deskstar due to insufficient cooling, and killed a 500 GB Samsung using a faulty powersupply.

    Old pC's don't get dunked, they are used as file servers.
    (I am still using a Pentium 3, driving 9x harddisks!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyberbat View Post
    Old pC's don't get dunked, they are used as file servers.
    Or headless firewalls.
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    Ever since the "Great Flood ", not only that prices jumped but quality went down fast, at least where consumer models are concerned. Don't think it's fair to compare drives used in large data arrays and ones sold thru stores or installed in brand name computers.
    Had or changed/installed hundreds of HDDs since the first 10 MB drives and had most of them fail at some time or other, yet still can see really old ones ( 10 - 20GB) IDE drives work like new, even some much maligned early Maxtor drives that survive to this day. You'd have to look at drives used in poor countries and see how many of those old drives are still in use.
    Lately, it seems like a lottery buying a HDD. Seen drives of same make and model work without a hitch and other fail for no apparent reason.
    Just an example, last year i got 2 WD 750GB "Green" drives from a security camera recorder that were running about 2 years with only few restarts, one had 20% health left (According to SMART) but the other is perfect in every sense and is still in my computer without a hint of trouble.
    I opened many dead HDDs (really powerful magnets in them) and noticed quite a difference in robustness between old and new ones and that could be an explanation why older ones tend to last much longer. That could be explained by new and higher capacity ones have to have much higher density while stuck in smaller packages and that necessitates much finer and smaller components and being mechanical it directly translates to lover durability.
    Luckily, SSDs are here to stay for a while and hope that in few years coming their price per GB will be much lover and mechanical will go the way of dinosaurs, at least where PC use is concerned.
    Right now, I could not profess preference to any make of HDD but by my latest experiences Hitachi seem to have an edge, just in my experience mind you.
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    Win 7 Pro x64

    I don't use spinners any more; only SSD's. Back when I did I always seemed to have the most problems with Maxtor, and occasionally WD drives.

    I haven't had a single problem with an SSD and am now on my 3rd drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acr731 View Post
    I don't use spinners any more; only SSD's. Back when I did I always seemed to have the most problems with Maxtor, and occasionally WD drives.

    I haven't had a single problem with an SSD and am now on my 3rd drive.
    I do the same. I have 7 SSDs by now and the oldest ones are from 2007. Only one 60GB Mushkin died one day. It was only 2 years old. But Mushkin replaced it within 2 hours. They are on top of my shopping list now.

    Btw: Here is a good deal today.

    Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SV300S37A/120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) -
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    Hey, that's the one i have for about a year now, not a speed daemon but fair enough. No troubles with it as long as FW is 505 or 507, 506 had troubles Boy, that's cheep on Newegg I paid about 100 for mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoMage View Post
    ... I found the comments about Hitachi drives almost laughable. Deskstar? Really? Are you kidding me? Those used to be the IBM drives and across the tech community they were called "Deathstar" drives. I replaced many of those in my own Computer business. I'd NEVER buy one. ...
    It's amazing to me that rep earned long ago on a product line continues to be spouted even though the issue was resolved years ago. Not to mention that the DeskStar line of drives has been thru several ownership changes since then. I doubt the current DeskStar line bears much in common with the products that earned the DeathStar moniker. It also amazes me that the company didn't rename the line in order to distance it from the issue.

    It's the same with the Seagate 7200.11 drives. All that was needed was a firmware update. I have 2 of the Seagate 7200.11 drives that I applied the firmware update to and they have been in use daily for about 5-6 years with no issues.

    With disk drives (especially spinners) the question isn't IF it will fail but WHEN.
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    W8.1, W7

    Just unpacked 2 new 2'5 today , only hitachi's here for years, they've behaved great (and very silent\no vibrations).
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Who makes the best disk drives?
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