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The PC market is dead? Looks like no-one told these...

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    The PC market is dead? Looks like no-one told these...

    With the growing tablet market becoming ever more competitive, some Polish hardware makers are starting to look back to more traditional ventures in the battle to increase their margins. According to Polish daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, some Polish electronics companies are planning to return to producing the kind of kit they did in the past: PCs and TVs. Hardware makers including Action, and Kruger & Matz (some of the many Polish manufacturers that have of late begun to specialise in low-cost tablets) have at the very least declared they are looking into the PC market again.
    The PC market is dead? Looks like no-one told these hardware companies | ZDNet

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    I think the trend in companies is to stay with desktops and beef them up with large dual monitor etc. for productive work. then add a tablet to go to meetings, in the field etc. This at least happens at my work (I do engineering design). So no the PC is not dead for productive work, quite the opposite. We use it even more for design review that traditionally was done on paper etc.

    The laptop on the other hand is dead, with a PC for actual work, and a tablet for mobile, there is not much of a case for laptops.
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    I noticed at one place where I visited they have replaced all the desktops with laptops they all have external key boards, mouse and monitors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labeeman View Post
    I noticed at one place where I visited they have replaced all the desktops with laptops they all have external key boards, mouse and monitors.
    yup, I think this is where things are moving more than no PC's, I went that route a year ago myself after building my own "power" monsters I found I could get all I needed in a well built laptop @525, and is my desktop replacement, and it has more power and options than my last $1500 desktop. I have my 27" Samsung connected and an external USB mouser and keyboard, and running W8.1 with the 3rd party tools I don't miss a beat from what I used my desktop for. It still sits here connected to my old VCR since I have a TV card in it I use it to move VCR tapes to DVD once in a while, hell it still runs Vista lol.

    I don't have a need for a tablet, or a cell phone , but in time who knows, there may be a time a small smart phone will have a wifi capable external monitor, mouse and keyboard and be just as powerful as the laptop lol.
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    Yep it works for them when they need to go somewhere they just take the laptop with every thing they had at the office no need to sync.
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    The desktop form factor will only be used mostly in the enterprise and educational areas. I've yet to see desktop PCs being the mainstream PC sold at retailers like they were five years ago. It's like when Windows 7 came out, poof! Everything went to laptops and desktops were pushed aside. Basically, consumers aren't interested in desktops.

    Keep desktops for enterprise and production environments, laptops and tablets for on the go processing.
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    Personally, I just took my old desktop to the recyclers because I am no longer willing to devote the space in my house to the "PC shrine" required by a desktop system. With my laptop I can use it anywhere, no need for a dedicated space.
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    Don't forget gamers.
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    Well for me I run 2 WS for my business and 1 NB, My next builds for WS will have a much smaller footprint however I don't feel that any NB will last very long running 24/7. I do use a smart phone, not a tablet yet. Maybe in the future. My NB is a Desktop replacement. generally my 2nd business Consulting Sub Sea I move from place to place but once I'm there for a week or Months my NB is plugged in. A Tablet might be great for Flights and traveling however my smart phone seem to be handling the short trips I take.
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The PC market is dead? Looks like no-one told these...
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