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Rumour: Win9 RTM October 2014....????

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    Rumour: Win9 RTM October 2014....????

    Itching to get a full look at what is in store with Windows 9? Well if this report holds up, you may be in luck, and get a chance to take the upcoming major new version of Windows for a spin later this year.
    Most expect Microsoft to release Windows 9 in early 2015.
    But there seems to be a chance that the company may actually complete development of the operating system before the year is out, and release it in its traditional year-end time frame. No fuss!
    Windows 9 To Hit RTM Status In October 2014, Says New Report |

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    I am sure they are hoping to put 8x out of its misery and distance themselves from it as soon as possible.

    If they can get the next os out in time for Christmas buying season, they will.

    There is a danger it might just be more of the same. That won't get them far. Let's hope they get it right this time.
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    Always the same, I just get everything set up and working smoothly then they go and bring out another version. Will this windows 9 be an easy upgrade from 8.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by livewire View Post
    Always the same, I just get everything set up and working smoothly then they go and bring out another version. Will this windows 9 be an easy upgrade from 8.1?
    Way to early to comment on that.
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    Hopefully version 9 will fix the issues brought on by windows 8. Even with windows 8.1 it didn't fix most of the issues with windows 8 such as visual cues and a more friendly UI. The metro is fine for touch but if you are using a mouse to navigate the control panel and such it was much easier with windows 7. It's like the purposely went to hide stuff and make it harder to access the interface and functions.
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    1.) The control panel has not changed.
    Still there, all the same, no difference.
    Just as easy to get at as Win7, just in a different place.

    2.) There is no issue with navigating with a Mouse and keyboard.
    Simple, easy, effective. But different, and that is what throws people. Why, is still beyond me.

    Getting to the PC Settings page is not difficult by any stretch of the imagination
    why people can not grasp the concept behind Win8 is also beyond me.

    The OS overall is miles ahead of everything else out there.

    No, it's not perfect, but, if people didn't put so much energy into NOT liking Win8
    as much as actually taking the time to understand it?
    They would find a better OS in Win8, for both Tablet and Desktop/Laptop.

    I do believe Win9 will be yet a better version.
    And if they can get full cross platform compatibility in there, that would be awesome.
    Such as, being able to run the same apps across all platforms (Laptop, Desktop, Tablet and Phone)
    With Synch capabilities, that do not have to be outside your private network cloud base?
    That would be sweet.

    There are improvements needed, yes, but Win8 is not a horrible OS as so many love to portray it as.
    Which also boggles me, it's a fervent attempt to lash out at Win8 and destroy it at any cost.
    Very reminiscent of an ex-VP candidate. It's insanity.
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    It's too early to tell when it'll ACTUALLY RTM.

    Although the problem with a fast paced upgrade cycle is that people that have been using Windows for 15+ years are used to upgrading every three to ten years. A new version of Windows everywhere is pushing it REAL hard.

    Ugh, if the Desktop and Start menu come back as being the main focal point of Windows, I'm designing and building my own version of Windows. Seriously, there are flaws with an overlapping window paradigm that no one is touching. There are legitimate reasons as to why the menu design was revamped. It's like no one can think of anything better than something originally designed back in the mid '80s. Wow.

    Either way, I'm looking forward to Windows 9. Ideally, they should have stuck it out and actually PUSHED 8.1 or 8.2 or 8.5 as the actual new version of Windows. I can't even think of why after 8.1 has been out for so long that literally no electronics retailer have updated their display models to 8.1. No wonder why people still give 8 grief because they don't even KNOW what 8.1 is let alone what it can do and what it makes better.
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    Yanno, given how very little it would take to silence most of those who despise tifkam, myself included, it's hard to imagine them not doing it. I mean, if 8 had been a runaway success then they could tell us to piss off and be done with it. But, sadly for them, that is not the case.

    But for the love of God, please don't let them try to fool us again....
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    Spot on #9

    The biggest complain many, including me, about windows 8/8.1 is the lack of CHOISES. MS wanted Metro, that's OK, but for people that did NOT want Metro, Windows 8 was really annoying. Same goes with the very limited settings for graphic on the desktop. Allmost no choise for a personal look. If you are not into the "modern minimalistic" look, then too bad, MS will not let you choose a "win 7" look, or any other look for that matter.
    Win 8.1 gave the possibillity to skip Metro (hurra for that), but the desktop is still very ugly if you don't like this "windows 98 2D" style of graphic. With modern PC's we all now has the power to run allmost every graphic mode on our desktop, so why do we all have to go back to this flat and ugly look, _without_ having a choise of more graphic eyecandy

    Hopefully Windows 9 is LOADED with choises, so we all can have the look, feel and function we want in WINDOWS (desktop, Metro, maybe a new UI)
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Rumour: Win9 RTM October 2014....????
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