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4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    Windows 8.1 gets a bad reputation as a tablet OS in spite of all the work Microsoft has put into it. While it's true that it's quite a stretch to build a platform that covers all possible computing forms, Windows 8.1 has some nice features that leaves Android behind....

    ...The evolution of Windows

    Windows 8.1 isn't for everyone but it's coming along nicely. It's not strictly a mobile OS but it's evolving into a decent one. The advantages discussed here are not the only ones over Android, but they are big enough to make a difference.

    Some may feel that the availability of Microsoft Office on Windows 8.1 is a big advantage over Android and wonder why it's not on this short list. While the absence of Office on Android is a disadvantage over Windows for some, it's not for the millions of current Android users and thus is not discussed here.

    Android makes more sense for some mobile users as it's a robust platform for tablets and phones. It's now making its way onto the desktop, too. Those wanting a pure mobile UX can do well with Android.

    Windows is a better mobile OS than some realize, and it would be a mistake to overlook it. Mobile devices of all types are now available with Windows 8.1, and that alone could be an advantage for some over Android.

    Read more at: 4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile | ZDNet

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    Windows is far superior

    ...Android (even iOS, imo) is like the Win3.x/'95 of the new century--it's robust, of course, sure--it's also chock slam full of exploitable vulnerabilities and bugs out of the yin-yang! To that extent it also reminds me of Java in the old days--at one time it was the cross-platform darling of the OS wars--Java was fairly robust (but slow), and slam full of bad code, bugs, exploitable vulnerabilities--to the extent that no one really wants to install Java anymore these days, despite the clean-up work Oracle has done to date (considerable.) Windows, otoh, due to Microsoft's heavy annual expenditure of R&D funds over the last decade, has in its latest incarnation become hands-down the most secure commercial OS it's possible to purchase. Most if not all of the so-called "security firms" who both document viruses and sell AV software have stated on occasion that they consider Windows 7/8 more secure even than OS X--and OS X's *only* claim to security is that so few people use it that the malicious hackers don't see it as worth the effort. We haven't even touched on how much more stable Windows is compared to Android...

    Of course, experienced people already know these things, it's the n00bs just coming into technology in a general sense who couldn't tell you the difference between Android and iOS and Java even if their lives depended on a reasonably coherent answer...;) Maybe I'm just getting cranky, but of late I feel less and less charitable and more inclined to let people learn these lessons themselves--the hard way. After all, experience is the best teacher, isn't it?
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    Are they talking about RT or the x86 version on tablets? If RT, my answer is it doesn't matter how good the OS is, it is about the lack of ecossytem.

    Walts: I'm not an IT expert by any means. And at some point I thought Java is great and wanted to learn it. But in reality it doesn't work well. At work we have Java based timesheets, and Building automation system etc. Every time there is a Java update (or any time a day ends with a "y") there is some Java issue that all the people using these applications need to have IT implement some workaround. It is already tricky with different IE versions, not sure how it really works cross-platfrom. But considering it is a nigthmare on almost identical Os and browsers, I don't even want to imagine how it works on a Mac etc.

    This may be the fault of the specific application, but one application cannot work without the newest Java, the other only works with an older version.
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    I find android the Windows Xp of the smartphone. Everyone uses, don't realize inherent security flaws, app piracy galore, and it's a hit and miss performance wise. Also, it's the ONLY smartphone platform out there that actually has anti-virus software for. ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE. ON YOUR SMARTPHONE. That to me is just a red flag, such a thing shouldn't even be thinkable.

    Also, it's something it tries to be but it's not. You can do WAY too many things with android, which is good and all, but being able to do that on such a form factor like a smartphone is quite absurd. The platform is trying to become like a "better" Windows, but at the same it's being done on such a level of haphazardness, it makes Microsoft look like apple.
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    Yanno, it may even be possible that 8 is a good mobile platform, perhaps even great. Their problem is, they are way late to the game, maybe even too late to be anything more than an "also ran" participant.... and all the bla bla bla in the world won't change that.

    Imho, of course....
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    Technically, Microsoft was in mobile before it was even cool, i.e. Windows Mobile and the Windows Xp tablet PC.
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    Playing the devil's advocate these links show that for 2013 7 security vulnerabilities were found in w8.1 and the same number in Android. Microsoft Windows 8.1 : CVE security vulnerabilities, versions and detailed reports
    Google Android : CVE security vulnerabilities, versions and detailed reports
    I also think, but haven't looked for the source, that customisation by phone vendors introduces most of the vulnerabilities (I think Sony were the only one in the clear
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    Even though there are anti-virus software for the Android, I have yet to hear from anyone who has found a virus on their phone. Sort of like there is a such thing as anti virus for Mac and Linux but not many viruses. Pretty much the only way you can get a virus on android is to root it, allow for 3rd party installs. FUD
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    Lol, yeah no exploits in windows at all.
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    Man.. This article is just wrong, wrong, wrong!! Crazy.. I have an Android tablet, that I love. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy, which I wish I could have, because the phone is awesome. Not one of these points in this article are even remotely true, well, maybe except for their thing with snap, and apps side by side, but actually, Samsung does that pretty well, arguably better than windows. I am sorry, but truth be told, apps in Windows 8 are just lame. The format of the apps is limited, and Android may be more susceptible to attack because they give the end user easy methods of gaining total control over the OS, but I have never had a problem with this. Use it smart, and you are pretty much all good.

    Lets look at the rest of these points:

    Updates? First of all, this is misleading.. There are plenty of updates coming out to Android all the time, especially if you are someone like me who likes to run custom Roms, which are typically updated, like every freaking night, hence the word "nightly"..

    Mobile experience improvement? They claim that the experience is roughly the same since it came out, but they are wrong. It is night and day better than it was when it came out. Windows is the pot calling the kettle black here. sorry..

    Sharing? Come on.. Every application in my Tablet has a little < share icon, which gives me the ability to share with way more apps than in Windows. I can do so much more with my Tab than I could with a windows tab it is not even remotely funny.

    This article tries but fails to find some ways in which Win8 is better than Android, but unfortunately we could write the reverse article but instead of siting 4 items, come up with a list that is about 100 long, maybe more..
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4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile
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