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Court Rejects Equal Access Rules for Internet Providers

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    Court Rejects Equal Access Rules for Internet Providers

    WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out Federal Communications Commission rules that require Internet service providers to give all traffic equal access through their networks.
    Although it acknowledged that the F.C.C. has some authority to regulate Internet service, the court said Tuesday that the commission overstepped its authority when it imposed anti-discrimination rules on Internet service providers, because the commission had previously exempted those companies from that type of regulation.
    The decision, by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, was the second case the F.C.C. had lost before the appeals court over its authority to regulate Internet service providers.
    The ruling means that, under current law, broadband companies can offer Internet content providers — ESPN or Facebook, for example — faster service to deliver their content to consumers, at a price.
    More here

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    Seems like a technical issue resulting from the way the FCC classified the providers. They could change it. If there is enough of a stink from the public, they may. If people roll over, then probably not. You have to stand up together.
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    The FCC better watch what they do if they appeal as this statement reflects an issue that Verizon had said the the FCC could not regulate the Internet. One Judge agreed on that and if it goes to the next level more Judges may also agree.

    Judge David S. Tatel, who wrote the decision, was joined by Judge Judith W. Rogers in striking down the F.C.C. regulations but upholding the idea that the agency has “authority to enact measures encouraging the deployment of broadband infrastructure.”

    In a separate opinion, Judge Laurence H. Silberman agreed with the majority’s reasons for striking down the F.C.C. rules but disputed its conclusion that Section 706 of the Communications Act gives the F.C.C. some legal authority over Internet service.
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    So does this mean if you have lots of money you get a fast service, and if you don't you're screwed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by burtie View Post
    So does this mean if you have lots of money you get a fast service, and if you don't you're screwed?
    I think it is already like that. It most likely will be like pay per view.
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    I hope net neutrality is really dead this time

    As they have in the past, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has found today that the FCC acted illegally when they imposed anti-discrimination rules on broadband Internet providers. In doing so, they have struck down the FCC's Open Internet rules, which were an attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist: rampant discrimination by ISPs against various forms of content. (See the bottom of this article for an embedded version of the Court's decision.) Lucky for all of us, the network has not been neutral so far; it would have been far less useful and developed if it had been.

    Read this:

    Net neutrality gets a kick in the teeth

    Sadly, a majority of the three judge panel told the FCC how they might be able to impose their regulations within the law. Where the matter goes from here is unclear; the Commission might take the Court up on their suggestion, Congress might change the law to foreclose such an option, or — and this would be the best outcome — nothing happens, and Net Neutrality is allowed to slip into the ash heap of history.
    See more here
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    Quote Originally Posted by burtie View Post
    So does this mean if you have lots of money you get a fast service, and if you don't you're screwed?
    What it means is your VOIP could be throttled if that ISP is also trying to sell you a phone package. They can give their services priority over the competition. Stuff like Netflix could also be throttled or restricted. They want you to buy their bundle.
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Court Rejects Equal Access Rules for Internet Providers
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