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[MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?

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    [MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?

    In Microsoft’s never-ending battle to stop piracy, it appears Microsoft is considering upping the ante in Windows 8 and other products by searching for a new candidate to help “shake hackers and crackers off Microsoft products” by designing and building “new anti-hacking mechanisms” and “hack detection.” The job ad says the job is “not for the faint of heart,” so I imagine things get pretty intense and technical on this team.
    More info at the source.

    I posted this in the general discussion section as this info had not been confirmed by MS yet. It is true that MS is always trying to thwart piracy of its products, but by the looks of this job ad, they are trying to maybe find some new ways to do it.

    What do you think ?

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    I think it will still be thwarted regardless and possibly be just that little more intrusive for legitimate users.
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    IMO evey time you write code there is allways a workaround some how someone always seems to find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy View Post
    IMO evey time you write code there is allways a workaround some how someone always seems to find it.
    So true.

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    I suppose that's the price they have to pay for being popular, there will always be someone trying to bring them down.
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    If it can be made it can be broke...... mind you i swear sometimes its the guy/gal who makes the code breaks the code
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    MS should look at itself as a car maker and/or salesman. Every once, they introduce a new car (almost always on the same frame-build and plate-form). Yeah, PC is just as cars are; except for that in PCs, no one has the right to change its colors, tires, windshield shades or any, unless they have decided "for you" what you can change and not.

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    If Microsoft -- and other vendors as well -- could get a better hand on piracy, then we wouldn't see prices so high. Its the same thing in the grocery and other stores. The cost of theft is built into the price of the product.
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    Yeah it’s a bit stupid that you have to pay $700+ for an operating system and it only lasts you a few years....
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    $700 for an operating system? Where are you from? - Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full - $284.99

    Anyway, no matter what they do, someone will find a way to crack the OS. The tried to up the ante in 7 and now there's RemoveWAT, Bios Hacks, Activation Spoofs and more. If they create a super duper activation mechanism, the warez scene will just come out with a super duper activation remover. Oh, and it'll come out 2 weeks before the RTM is released to the public
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[MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?
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