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Windows 9 Should Be Completely Free, Analyst Believes

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    Win 8 Pro

    It's Free Now..!!


    P.O Box 99

    (Best read with Ruski accent)

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    Windows 8.1 + StartIsBack + AeroGlass

    I just need to to be decent, as in fit for purpose. I'm going to need a new laptop and I don't want either a touch screen or a touch-oriented OS on it, thank you very much.
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    Windows still has a bigger problem

    I am wondering if it may be to late for Microsoft...

    I think Windows 8 biggest problem is still a lack of good apps and no 3G-4G networks to tie it to.

    Apple, Android, and even Amazon'z Kindle tablets you can take pretty much anywhere, the cost to add them to your wireless data plans are really reasonable. Unless, they come up with free wifi everywhere, Windows tablets are simply not as portable.

    I have yet to see any good business apps, banking, hail a taxi app, etc., truly useful tools, and I doubt it will change any between now and April 2015. All of our local TV stations, newspapers, and businesses always announce the latest Apple and Android apps they have, but not even a mention of Windows. I doubt even giving it away for free would make a difference in that venue.

    They will have a desktop market for awhile, but, even that is beginning to be eaten away at.
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    I doubt even giving it away for free would make a difference in that venue.

    They will have a desktop market for awhile, but, even that is beginning to be eaten away at.

    They are in a tricky spot.

    Interesting to see what they come up with. I don't feel disposed to give free advice. We will be watching with interest.
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    Windows 8

    Why not a half-way house with a free upgrade for 8.x users and new licences at a reduced price?
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    Covington, La
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    Maybe with the shakeup at MS and a new CEO coming in the near future things will change. Windows 9 will give us a measure of what the new vision of MS will be.

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    If they build it right... they will buy it. All they need to do is ...
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    Win 8 (?)

    MS=free ???

    Mmmmm... of course... and I'm Santa Claus
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    Windows 7 Pro 64

    This is how people write these Windows articles: "I'm a car driver (2 miles to work every day), which makes me an Automotive Industry expert. I predict that BMW should give away its new 5-series away for free and they would increase market share. BMW will just live off oil changes."

    What would be the point of increasing marketshare if you lose money? People are very willing to pay for a product if they like it. I beleive the Nokia Symbian OS is free, but what is its marketshare again?

    "Microsoft will be forced to follow Apple and Google and give away the OS"
    And don't give me that "Apple OS is free" crap. Did you ever wonder why the Apple x86 hardware cost 3-times as much as if you bought the components separately and build your own PC? Since when does Apple give away the OS? Where, please, can I download my Apple OS that I can install on my home-made PC that I chose the components for myself from Manufacturers I like?
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    VA USA
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    W8.1up1 Pro x64 w/media center

    I heard something on some show that there might not even be a 8.2 now, and just go right to 9.

    OK whatever, as long as a full ISO is available for direct download this time and not that crazy deal we had to go through last time from 8 to 8.1.

    And yeah, MS will be fine again, as long as the GUI is selectable for NON touch desktop/Laptops Hell even a selecting of weather you want metro look, or the "old" W7 look would be fine. I have always used windows as my OS of choice.

    The way I use my laptop as a desktop replacement with my 27" external monitor now, I have W8.1 "customized" to my useability with the usual suspect 3rd party stuff as it is, I see nothing metro, even removed ALL the tiles except the desktop one.
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Windows 9 Should Be Completely Free, Analyst Believes
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