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Microsoft May Retire Wavy Windows Logo

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    Microsoft May Retire Wavy Windows Logo

    Microsoft first introduced its four-color Windows logo over two decades ago with the launch of Windows 3.0 in May 1990 and it's been waving ever since. It's been altered over the years, with the Redmond software giant adding color gradients, shading, reflections, and other artistry tidbits to maintain a modern flair, but with the launch of Windows 8, the familiar logo might undergo a somewhat radical makeover.
    Read more at:
    Maximum PC | Microsoft May Retire Wavy Windows Logo

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    No....I like my Start flag the way it is....

    At least there WILL be a Start flag, but some random hot corner icon....
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    What was wrong with the current one? It only makes sense to change your logo if a.) your company image is bad or b.)your company is fallout out of people's minds and needs to grab attention. Microsoft has neither of these problems.

    If anything, they should want to hold onto a logo that they can associate with a successful product like Windows 7. By changing the logo, you are reinforcing that the start menu is changed forever (on this note, I disagree. I have serious doubts that Microsoft won't provide some way to go back to a more traditional configuration. You can do it right now in the dev preview with a simple registry change.)
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    I'm not crazy about it. It's devoid or color and character.
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    I'm OK with it.
    In a positive view, it works for me as long as the performance override the issue of changed logo.
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    No problem..
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    I like the colorful logo of MS we have now. The new logo is just flat color and boring to me. They looked like solar panels! Maybe MS is giving us a hint that Windows 8 will be more "eco-friendly".
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    Am I the only one who actually likes this new logo?

    It is simple and modern, and it fits perfectly with Windows 8's Metro style...
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    Uhhhhhhh?? From the photos of the up-coming beta release the FLAG is completely GONE! I just re-looked over those stolen screen shots and don't see a flag/start button/anything whatsoever that gives you the idea there will be any kind of Microsoft Logo there.
    [there = the lower-left corner]
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    There is no Start button, but it's not the only purpose of the logo to be displayed as Start button...
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Microsoft May Retire Wavy Windows Logo
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