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Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodi View Post
    What am i supposed to do with the shedfull of cases,monitors etc that I have collected over the years?
    Please don't say throw them out, I would be devastated if i did that.
    Build servers and sell them


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    Windows Vista Home Premium x86 (32bit) but soon to be Windows 7 Ultimate x86

    It doesn't sound very nice, but hey i'll wait and see before i decide
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x86

    If windows 8 goes cloud, Windows 7 is staying installed for a long longg time.
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    Norwich, UK
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    Quote Originally Posted by brandon5377 View Post
    If windows 8 goes cloud, Windows 7 is staying installed for a long longg time.
    agreed.... depending on how they do it, (im lazy, so im gonna copy and paste the extensive post i wrote on SF)

    Im still reserving judgement on the cloud, depending on which one of these 3 ways they go:

    These Options and any Opinions represented are entirely my own, you may not agree with my opinion but i ask you to respect it

    1. The Best Option: You have an OS with "Basic" functions (text editing etc.) enabled, and all applications are stored but the "big piracy" targets (Games, etc.) are "authorised" by the cloud for you to use when you open them, until then although they reside on your PC they cant be used without a "key" from the cloud, which is good for say a week before needing reauthorisation (this would also solve the "what if im away from the internet" problem) Possibly the OS itself could need a weekly (or monthly?) check in too to combat Piracy. All personal Documents and Data are stored on the Local Machine, as it is basically a PC as we know it, just requiring the cloud to "clear" it for use

    2. The Most Likely Outcome: Applications are on the cloud and are accessed "remotely", but personal documents are stored on the Local Machine, our PC's effectively become just data storage modules, certainly there is alot of data about me I would NEVER allow out there. this of course presents a problem to machines which do not go online/ are away from an Internet Access point, and will run our internet bills sky high, as they are at the moment.

    3. the Damn Stupid Option (and therefore probably someone will try this): EVERYTHING is cloud based, applications, documents etc. 2 weeks after "Windows Cloud" Launches, Microsoft are hacked, and millions of people are left bankrupt from having their personal details stolen, Microsoft go bust and Apple become the new Gods of the Personal Computer World, until the launch of "OSX Online" and so the pattern continues.
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    Yep, I will keep 7 installed for a very long time, and if forced, will move exclusively to Linux.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airbot View Post
    "Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS"

    I sure hope not. Very unappealing to me. My interest in it will decline drastically.
    I thought the whole idea was to have your own machine on your own desk instead of just a terminal
    that fetched everything from the network? Seems like they want to push us back to keyboard mouse
    and monitor with a bunch of graphics engine on the client and nothing else.

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    You know who gets the blame for this, yeah?


    And yes, they do.

    Are you kidding? Do you know how much control they will then posses?
    This is why the cloud as a forced choice isn't a choice, and how freedoms can be given up and taken away.

    I like windows like many others, but I'll jump ship in a heart beat too.
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    Norwich, UK
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Honestly... I don't think it'll happen.... there are too many Pitfalls... for instance in the UK the average uload speed is 440Kbps... can you imagine how long that will take to get anything done?
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    yea i agree with you sever
    They must include an install version at least for every user and a cloud version for it.
    There are still people without internet and a lot with bad connections,
    i mean if you have unstable internet your hole computer gets unstable? :S
    must be an install version of it ...
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    am i the only one who is with the cloud not against it
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Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS
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