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Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS

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    Cloud storage will have to be paid for.
    I don't want to have to pay upfront for my computer, and then for the rest of my life pay rental for the storage. And when I retire and don't want to pay the upkeep, do I lose my data?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airbot View Post
    "Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS"

    I sure hope not. Very unappealing to me. My interest in it will decline drastically.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lordbob75 View Post

    Now that I have expressed my opinion, I still think this is stupid.

    There is nothing wrong with CONNECTING to the cloud, but I like my fast file access speeds, THANK YOU.

    I agree with both of those comments. I have ~1TB of files. I don't want to upload that to upgrade to Win8 and I also don't want to compromise my files. I also want to have an OS if I don't have Internet available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iseeuu View Post
    The risks involved with storing all of your data on a remote server, including your OS and all of your aps, are clear. However, I would like to bring up some possible positives to the general home computing world, but not necessarily to us members of a beta forum waiting to test beta software.

    My first thought is to Microsoft. Instead of marketing a full suite of software app licenses, OS, Office, Web design, etc, they market a subscription comprising a log-in to their hosted OS and software apps. Very little to install. No software to copy and pirate. No millions of virus compromised computers in bot nets spamming the WWW. The home computer needed to access the hosted web site could be quite inexpensive. It might even be marketed in the same way Cell Phones are, given away free with a two year contract.

    However, the Microsofts, AT&Ts and other huge businesses are not the only players. Imagine your local ISP investing in the server capacity to provide cloud computing to its subscribers? When signing up for Internet access, again you may be given the home computer preconfigured to access the ISPs servers as part of the normal contract for services. Look at how this might make computers and Internet access available to those who simply could not afford a computer before? And think of all those computer users who either are incapable of maintaining and securing their own computer or just do not care. The ISP taking this responsibility for maintenance and security might be a relief to those who don't want to be bothered and just want to surf.

    The possibilities are infinite!
    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    This is a good point. I think most of the PC users fall into this category. They want an appliance, not an intellectual challenge.
    That's a good point.

    This scenario will fit the large majority of users, small, thin, light, computers of varying sizes with 20GB of RAM would be enough to run the new netbooks. I think the majority of people would like a free computer with a 2 year subscription.

    As long as the options for us dinosaurs to keep a full blown PC at home is still available.
    What will this do to the hardware advancement?
    Non net based OS standards?
    The cost of the old style home PC will skyrocket as only a small percentage of users will be buying them.
    Storage devices will still be cheap but high powered processors won't be needed except for the massive servers, which will create a gap between low end users CPUs and topend server CPUs. The home PC market CPUs will either be a thing of the past or very expensive.

    Guess we'll have to keep the one(s) we have in good working order.
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    I think in honesty only medium to large companies would ever benefit from the cloud but then again most companies have their own servers with 1000's of terabytes worth of storage space so yet a gain it just renders the cloud useless and pointless
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave76 View Post
    What will this do to the hardware advancement?
    The thought occurred to me here that "gamers" are some of the first to purchase the newest and fastest hardware as soon as it is available. Surely the gaming market with the home server market can maintain a reasonable demand for new hardware?
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    Via the Revolution. . .and long life Windows 7.
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    Ya IMO Windows 7 will have along life span if things go cloud.
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    Isn't cloud computing more like central processing, distributed data? wouldn't that be like a step backwards?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jebuchanan View Post
    Isn't cloud computing more like central processing, distributed data? wouldn't that be like a step backwards?
    Yes, and yes and no.

    The idea would be that the program would be stored centrally (say word) and you would run it from the server. All you would need for a desktop is a light computer with a good internet connection and your own flashdrive with YOUR OS on it.

    I personally don't like the idea as a whole, but it has some advantages.

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    What am i supposed to do with the shedfull of cases,monitors etc that I have collected over the years?
    Please don't say throw them out, I would be devastated if i did that.
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Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS
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