Microsoft is continuing to move more of its biggest cloud services onto its Windows Azure public cloud.

According to a December 16 post by The Register, which quotes Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie, Microsoft already has moved its Skype service onto Windows Azure.

Back in 2012, Microsoft execs confirmed they were moving part of the Skype infrastructure to Microsoft-hosted supernodes in Microsoft datacenters. Officials wouldn't comment at that time when I asked about the operating system/environment on which they were hosted.

In September of this year, Microsoft execs said there were 50 billion minutes of Skype-to-Skype calls running on the Windows Azure cloud. But, again, they never said which parts of Skype's updated infrastructure were actually running on Windows Azure vs. on other platforms.

Guthrie also said in the new Register interview that Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage team is "in the process of decommissioning their old servers and moving everything onto Azure."

"All new storage on SkyDrive now goes to Azure," Guthrie told The Reg.
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