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Windows 8 Major Improvements

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I'm going to ignore 8, its going to be bad, I'll stick around for 9 haha

    remember the trend!
    3.1 Good (if dos is good)
    95 Bad
    98 (built on 95 kernel) Good
    ME Horribly bad
    2000 (built on ME's Kernel) Good
    XP....XP was ehh at first, but it was stable. Then after SP1 it became Good
    Windows Vista- stable but ehhh, BAD
    Windows 7- GREAT
    Windows 8- heh....I'm gonna close my eyes and not watch...
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    Quote Originally Posted by garysgold View Post
    I doubt that GC-OS will be a serious contender much before 8 comes out. Some very big hurdles for Google to overcome. Be interesting to see how they deal with them.

    Chrome is going to be open sourced. People are gonna go wild with it. I highly doubt Microsoft is ever going to make Windows open sourced.

    Look at the G1. If it weren't for the fact that apple had more advertising, G1 would be pounding the iPhones @$$. It's got a faster, easier system that can do a whole lot more. Apple had to confiscate for this by releasing the 3Gs (which its only update was a compass) hahahahahahahah omg that made me laugh so hard. But seriously, the biggest problem people have with Linux is that it doesn't support windows programs. Google has written 2 or 3 programs that can emulate windows programs install.

    Just watch. Google is going to take over the net, and then the OS. It won't be long till we see Google taking over pretty much anything that it can move to. @ this point I don't see much that can stand in their way imo.

    for the win
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    Guess we shall see what we shall see over the next couple of years. Should be fun at the least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparatan117 View Post
    2000 (built on ME's Kernel) Good
    Windows 2000 is not built on Windows ME's kernel. It is built on Windows NT's kernel, which was intended for business use. The 9x/Me line was intended for consumer use.

    Because of the success of Windows 2000 (and failure of Windows Me), Microsoft dumped the consumer line and merged the two target markets with Windows XP. It was the only reason I became an XP fan.

    Prior to this I preferred the stability on NT 4.0 and 2000, even if many games were not compatible with them. For 2000 things were better, but for XP, things finally came together. I remember back in the 90s running NT 3.51 and the only game I had which worked on it was Civilization. But that was pretty much the only game I cared about back then until Diablo was released. And with Diablo 2 came Windows 2000 support.
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Windows 8 Major Improvements
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