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Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

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    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    Microsoft may finally bring back full Start menu with Windows 8.2

    "The most important change, as Thurrott hears it, is that Microsoft will finally be bringing back the full Start menu to the Windows 8.2 desktop mode. Unlike the current Start button that Microsoft added to Windows 8.1, the new Start menu will be much more like the one Windows users have known and loved since Windows 95. Thurrott also says that the new version of Windows will allow for Metro apps to run as floating windows on the desktop screen, something that users can only do right now if they’ve installed third-party applications such as ModernMix."

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    It does sound too good to be true (especially after Microsoft's stubborn refusal to do so with W8 & W8.1).
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    I love news like this in the morning.

    It smells like.... VICTORY....!!!!
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    Yeah, this sounds too much like common sense, not holding my breath.
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    Third parties should cry foul that MS is exercising monopoly power and eliminating their start menu business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Third parties should cry foul that MS is exercising monopoly power and eliminating their start menu business.
    Don't worry, I am sure the EU is working on that now.
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    Hi there

    This makes TOO MUCH SENSE for it to actually be implemented -- however I'm all in favour of giving the user as much flexibility in using an OS as possible -- the whole idea of having FIXED non floating screens for environments where you can have HUGE and more than one monitor makes obvious sense, as well as making it a lot easier for those of us who often do several things concurrently with their machines - especially where you often need pieces from one application to be visible in another - for example try translating one document into TWO or more languages or comparing prices say from several different web sites.

    That said I don't really miss the start menu as I prefer using custom toolbars - but that's your choice -- getting modern metro apps though to run in floating windows would enhance the useability of these -- currently in my book they still are ALL a load of cr@pware.

    (Actually the whole TILE thing also becomes a nightare even on a mobile phone when you have a load of applications -- I HATE swiping the screen "ad nauseam" on a mobile -- but it's tolerable).

    Incidently (OT) wouldn't it be nice if on a mobile or tablet you could use a finger UNDERNEATH (or on the back of the device) for scrolling text instead of your finger having to cover part of the text --especially if you have "Shovel sized" hands. !!

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    I don't care if they bring back the Start menu since I don't use it anyway but the floating Metro apps feature would be great.
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    I am all for returning the Start Menu to increase the adoption of Windows 8.x, as long as they let me disable it.

    I have really found that I prefer the start screen to the old Start menu now that I have been using it for a while.

    But, I willl also add a big yes vote for floating Metro apps.
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    I still belive MS is not that stupid , after million customers screaming for it .... and still do not understand why it takes so long for them to notice it ....
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Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2
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