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Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemix View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Why not just let the user decide on install if they want desktop or touchscreen/tablet interface? Problem solved. Easy peezsy lemon squeezey.
    Because the average consumer won't be able to decide unless the installation makes a detailed recommendation based on hardware detection/assessment and then give the user option to choose manually similar to option box for Windows Update when installing Windows.

    Easy pie problem solved, now all Microsoft needs a competent team to make meaningful optimization for each Windows mode aka Desktop Mode or Tablet Mode.

    Feel free to make some suggestions and toss some ideas around just for fun on how Desktop Mode and Tablet Mode should be optimized for Windows 8.2.

    What features should be added, hidden and disabled according to mode recommended or selected and what new features and changes should come with Windows 8.2.
    To Nemix,

    I don't think people are completely stupid, but to those who need it,
    one of the Options could include the word (Default), thats the way the real world is setup

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    Trust me people are pretty stupid (maybe more like walking zombies which means the same thing: brainless) especially when it comes to manual fresh install or upgrade of Windows, the average consumer buys a PC with Windows pre-installed and when it does not work they way it came out of the box they usually go for the factory restore option NOT the fresh install option; if they ever want to upgrade to a newer version of Windows they usually either buy a new PC (with the newer version of Windows) or call in a computer technician for the task plus on top of all that the average consumer does not have so much free time to be trying to figure out how to install or upgrade Windows heck they hardly have time to sleep and hence the term walking zombies.

    Personally I like the word 'Default' which in computer terms means standard (don't mess with it) but like I've mentioned above these walking zombie consumers would prefer the word recommended IMHO since in stupid language this usually means better (so the not recommended option sucks), these little attention to details can make or break an OS and the audience it's geared towards; for us Windows Power Users we'll usually settle for whatever just as long as the software itself is good and stable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmetoday View Post

    It sounds as though it is more than just a rumor, if you read this from extremetech

    The Start menu will return in new Desktop-optimized version of Windows 8.2 | ExtremeTech

    not only will the start menu be back, but, it is a shuffling of the interfaces. They say the new windows 8.2 or 9 will revert back to a Windows 7 Desktop with Metro on the back-end. It will also try to integrate X-Box, Windows Phone and the OS as one cohesive system.

    Which personally, is the way I believe they should have approached it to begin with.
    I will update to any thing as far as it offers better eyecandy.
    98 to XP
    XP to Vista
    These were very exciting updates for me. Then 7 came and perfected Vista.

    But on windows 8 , they suddenly realize that Aero is a resource waste now?
    Now that they are going back to proper desktop interface , i hope they bring back Aero at least if they don't have anything better to offer.

    And what that detail pane is doing at right side? It was perfect at bottom, now it just gets in the way. Stupid MS
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    Someone mentioned eye candy. Strange? So as long as it 'looks good' you dont mind??
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    Good looks certainly help but it cannot sustitute for function.
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    If the 8.2 start menu is a FULL start menu like they are saying it will be, it would be great that it not only gave the user the customary bird´ś-eye view of all the apps on a pc.... For Win8, read: on the desktop.

    If it could act like a true ´go to point´ of a pc (once again) it might also categorize and give access to all the Start Menu apps as well,That would be awesome!
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    I'd like to see this for OS optimizations options during Windows 8.2 installation process:

    Desktop Mode - All Metro UI stuff hidden, no side/top/bottom charms and no Metro UI Start Screen or Apps, adds a real Start Menu, Windows Desktop Update Notification, disables all services related to Metro UI, add a new Windows 8 Desktop Aero Theme with Transparency (not Aero Glass since it'll look to much like Windows 7), adds games folder with desktop games (can even bring all the ones from Windows 7 no need to remake) and comes with SkyDrive Desktop as default.

    Desktop Hybrid Mode - Comes with Metro UI, defaults to Desktop at Windows Start, does not include a Start Menu only button (like Windows 8.1), Metro Apps can be run windowed on the desktop, Windows Desktop Update Notification, Windows 8.1 like Desktop theme for consistency with Metro UI, games folder with desktop games (less then Desktop mode, only the internet ones the others can be re-enable from Turn on Windows Features) and and comes with SkyDrive Desktop as default.

    Tablet Mode - Default to Metro UI Start Screen at Start, still includes the Desktop (since Metro UI apps are still not mature enough and does not have enough variety to function alone), does not include a Start Menu only button (can even go as far as to not include a Start Button like original Windows 8 since it's more tablet oriented), Metro apps can be run windowed on the desktop, new tablet style Desktop theme6 (to make it easier for touch enable to devices to reach hard to press UI stuff on the Desktop), desktop games folder and games are disabled, comes with Metro UI games pre-installed, adds Metro UI explorer and defaults to Metro SkyDrive app.

    I can think some more but for now that would be pretty good and ideal for me since Windows 8.1 is already an excellent OS, only thing the OS really needs as whole is Windows Backup brought back and maybe Explorer's Preview Panel.

    Edit: This dude has Windows 8.2 pretty much the way I invasion it or should I say it the other way around (even though I did not come across this site before posting this thread...LOL), his concept is very impressive and I think Microsoft should hire this guy and fire half a dozen of idiots that worked on the original Windows 8 cause this dude is more then enough to make up for those dead beats: Fixing Windows 8 ? jay machalani

    Any money some of those concepts and ideas will make onto Windows 9 and the little things like the Start Menu (might be more basic, MS probably gonna save the better one for 9 but maybe not), highly customizable Metro UI environment, Metro apps on the Desktop and selectable optimization installation process will probably make it onto Windows 8.2 (aka 2014 update).

    Edit 2: On second thought maybe Microsoft might also change the whole desktop theme of Windows 8.2 to correspond with the Metro UI color scheme (which includes new icons and icon colors) and new Start Menu and to make it easier for tablet users to use desktop mode on smaller displays. From what I can tell from this point on, I think a lot of rumors for Windows 8.2 update being released in 2014 maybe true just taking into consideration that Ubuntu Touch and 14.04 LTS will be touch and tablet optimized and poses a big threat to Microsoft's future dominance on mobile devices plan. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Touch is scheduled for April 2014 release date which is the rumored released date for Windows 8.1 Spring update in which case Microsoft will probably have at the very least confirmed existence and changes coming in the Spring update and maybe even have a peak and confirmation of Windows 8.2 update which I personally think will be released Fall 2014 followed by another Spring-Fall update in 2015 (Threshold) and then Windows 9 in Fall 2015 to Q1 2016 and a new laptop for myself by the same time...LOL
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    Well, I'm used to using the All Apps screen as my start menu now (8.1 Pro), so much so that I feel a bit '2 left hands' when on the W7 machine. If MS brings the start menu back, great. If not, no biggie. I'm easy either way. I have no 3rd-party start menu installed in 8.1, and have never had one (I ran Classic Start in W8). I decided, with 8.1, to see how I went without one, and whether I could get used to/comfortable with the 'new' setup. I never, and I do mean never see the old Start Screen unless I deliberately choose to, and in fact haven't even bothered to configure or customise it.

    Also, on reading through, I noticed that some are wishing for the return of Desktop Gadgets, and others offering suggestions for alternatives. Well, I was one who wanted them back, and was running a prog called '8GadgetPack' in Windows 8 which replaced the ones MS removed. Unfortunately, upon upgrading to the 8.1 beta they no longer worked.

    However, there is now a new version which works in 8.1. This program is clean and has no nasties. It contains no adware and has proven to be 100% safe on my machine. I can confidently recommend it if you wish to have your Win 7 gadgets back.

    Here's a link to their site, it has everything you need to know... 8GadgetPack - Gadgets for Windows 8

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    I would LOVE to see the likes of Jay Machalani's concept come to fruition! It's time for a change from boring manila folders standing on edge half open with their contents spilling out!!!
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    Speaking of the devil the dude has an interview on YouTube this video:

    Video Interview with Windows 8.2 Concept Designer Jay Machalani - YouTube

    There are many other great Windows 8.2 concepts out there but I think this dude pretty much nailed it to fit senselessly with the Metro UI interface while still keeping the Desktop environment as relevant as ever for users who depend on it (which is like 90% of Windows users out there) and his concept looks very much like something Microsoft would cook up themselves given the whole new flat thing Microsoft has going in Windows 8's Metro UI and Desktop environment.
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Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2
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