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Microsoft introduces new robust "Resilient File System" for Windows...

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    Microsoft introduces new robust "Resilient File System" for Windows...

    Microsoft introduces new robust "Resilient File System" for Windows Server 8

    Storage Spaces will give Windows 8 flexible, fault-tolerant pooling of disk space, and will make storage management simpler and much more powerful. But there's more to robust file storage than replicating data between disks: preventing and detecting corruption, and ensuring that damage to one file does not spread to others are also important. When describing Storage Spaces, Microsoft was silent on how it hoped to tackle these needs. The answer has now been revealed: a new file system, ReFS (from "Resilient File System").

    Storage Spaces make it easy to cope from a failed disk, but are no help if a disk is merely producing bad data. The Storage Space will be able to tell you if two mirrored drives differ or if the parity check fails, but have no way of determining which drive is right and which is wrong. Erasures, where the data is missing altogether, can be corrected; errors, where the data is wrong, can only be detected.
    Microsoft introduces new robust "Resilient File System" for Windows Server 8

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    Good Reading
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    I read made so little sense to me....

    But from what I got though, it's a resilient filesystem. And hopefully should use a disk drive MUCH better and a SSD even BETTER. Hmm, I wonder if the Protogon filesystem was the first iteration of it....
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Microsoft introduces new robust "Resilient File System" for Windows...
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