Windows 8 on ARM: The desktop remains (or does it?)
By Mary Jo Foley
January 10, 2012, 6:29am PST

Summary: Will Microsoft offer the Desktop App Win32 environment on Windows 8 on ARM? There’s still no conclusive answer.

What’s the latest word? Is the Win32 environment — known as the Desktop App — still part of Windows 8 on ARM? Or isn’t it?

During the last Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote for Microsoft on January 9, company officials demonstrated Windows 8 on both Intel and ARM PCs.

The Desktop App, unsurprisingly, was still on whichever post-Developer Preview build of Windows 8 on the Intel-based Samsung tablet that Tami Reller, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer for Windows, demonstrated. But It also appeared — at least from this screen shot taken last night by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Andras Velvart — that it also was part of the ARM version of Windows 8, too: