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Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone, Nokia 90%

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    Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone, Nokia 90%

    Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone, while Nokia crosses 90% threshold

    Latest data from AdDuplex shows the Lumia 520 continuing to dominate. While at the same time Windows Phone 7.x concedes more market share to Windows Phone 8. Nokia finally reaches 90% dominance with Windows Phone.

    What’s the current Windows Phone landscape look like? There’s really no better way to tell than by looking at the data from AdDuplex. The cross-promotion network for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 gives us insight that we might not get from places like IDC or comScore. We’ve got the report for this month and so far the biggest trend for this month is that the Lumia 520 continues to dominate.


    A Guy

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    Hi there
    A GOOD phone for those who want a Windows phone -- hopefully it will survive --while I like my Samsung Galaxy S4 a bit of competition is always good.

    Without some competition we are rapidly getting into a "Googleopoply".

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    I love my Lumia 520, at first I thought I might miss out on some apps, compared to the vast amount that Android phones have, but I haven't so far missed out and have found everything I want on mine. It looks good as well.
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    I'm glad that Windows Phone is apparently having some success in the lower end of the market. Yep, competition is great and it'll mean better and cheaper phones from the competition as well (such as the outstanding new Moto G from Motorola). Let's face it, Android low and mid-range phones have been quite crappy so far.
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    I've been looking for a new 'bone' to replace my dying ZTE Android 'cheapie'.

    For the price, the 520 seems pretty good, with plenty of 'bang' for the bucks, and a friend who's recently bought one is very happy with it.

    I don't need or want an expensive, high-end phone, so I will probably get myself one of these for Xmas.

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    I see they're practically giving the 520 away. MS store online has one suited for AT&T for a sale price of $59 USD. That's a bargain.
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    I have a Nokia 610, how can I update the windows 7 OS to windows 8?
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    I almost got a 520. Ended up with a Blackberry Q5 and haven't had a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy View Post
    Thank you for the url.
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Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone, Nokia 90%
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