Some of the users who already purchased a Surface 2 tablet are experiencing issues with the video card, as the screen crashes and displays random pixels until a reboot is performed.

The bug has been reported by Surface 2 users only, so it appears that Surface Pro 2 units running the full version of Windows 8.1 Pro are not affected.

It appears that one of the latest patches released by Microsoft is actually messing up the graphics, as users confirm that the issue appeared after installing Windows Update fixes.

I have the exact same problem. I had 15 important updates and when installing no 3 the screen crashed like in your pic. I factory restored it twice and the same problem would happen when installing update no. 3 (I don't know which one it is). I would factory restore it one more time and block the updates and wait. We have 14 days to return. Hopefully Microsoft is working on a fix. It looks to me that it is a software problem, one user explained on the Community forums.
Microsoft Confirms Graphics Issue on Surface 2 Tablets