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Microsoft: We aren't going to have three different Windows

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    Microsoft: We aren't going to have three different Windows

    Microsoft currently has three different versions of Windows running on mobile devices. But Microsoft is working to reduce that number, Julie Larson-Green, Executive Vice President of Devices and Studios, confirmed in an interview last week.

    At present, Microsoft offer plain-old Windows for Intel-based PCs and tablets. There's Windows RT for ARM-based PCs and tablets. And there's the Windows Phone OS for Windows Phones.

    I reported earlier this year that one of my sources said Microsoft is planning to whittle this down to two versions, though possibly not until the spring of 2015
    Read more at: Microsoft: We aren't going to have three different versions of Windows | ZDNet

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    Here is another look at that story.

    Microsoft confirms Windows RT will die

    Microsoft has finally said what most of the world has already guessed: Windows RT will die. It won't happen right away, but there's no doubt now that it's in the cards.
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    I remember having a discussion here where I predicted Windows RT was going to get killed off and some users here argued that it was not. I mean I don't understand why people thought it was going to live on. It really had no future especially since 8.1 tablets already give out more performance than Surface RT for the same value. I'm not sure what Microsoft was smoking when they were making Windows RT. They only thing I can think of was that Microsoft wanted an iOS like ecosystem. They could have expanded Windows Phone OS onto tablets instead of wasting time on making Windows RT but I guess they needed the extra driver support from full Windows. Well the good news is that people will get the full Windows experience on x86 tablets. Windows Phone OS will just be available only on phones.
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    Windows 8.1 and Windows Phablet? One thing I agree with in that article is that they didn't differentiate it from Windows well enough. In a lot of cases the average Joe didn't know what they were getting. I know buyer beware, but still, there were some sales staff that just didn't know the difference and what its limitations were. For me personally, I didn't see any incentive to buy an RT device over a laptop or a full Windows tablet.
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    Here we go, the tech media and bloggers finally got info that they can spin into "I told you so" for their past articles. It only makes sense that Windows Phone and RT are going to become one, it's not really a death it's more of an evolution for ONE OS to run both on phone and tablet. It also makes sense that ARM isn't going anywhere in this situation.
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    if it does die I feel bad for all the people who purchased it, because I doubt if Microsoft will support it once it officially dies.
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    Microsoft mentioned earlier this year that it planned to move the Windows Phone 8 OS over to mobile. So this isn't really a surprise. (I wondered why they didn't do that to begin with sense it's a proven model.) The question to ask is, will the current Surface "RT" tablets be upgraded to the new, um old, ah whatever you want to call it OS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    if it does die I feel bad for all the people who purchased it, because I doubt if Microsoft will support it once it officially dies.
    A guy from work bought an RT and noticed some features (Microsoft Sharepoint, Sharepoint Office documents) don't work as on a PC I don't think he was really aware that RT is not W8. (Sharepoint really only works with IE, and the IE of RT likely is different than IE for x86).

    All other manufacturers jumped ship already. RT never made sense and now no developer will invest nay resources init (not that they did to begin with...)
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Microsoft: We aren't going to have three different Windows
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