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Microsoft envisions a future where apps are 'Bingified'

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    Well, this may start out as "optional", as stated in the article:

    In Whittaker's example, information on frequently searched-for terms would pop up inside an e-mail message (assuming prior user approval, so as to avoid any possible accusations of Microsoft Scroogling its customers).
    The question is, what is the definition of optional by Microsoft?

    Arguably, the Bing "smart search" integration into Windows 8 had been the first step in the Bingification process. By default the smart search is enabled via the "search charm"; however, no other searches had been Bingified as of yet. In typical US "opt-out" fashion, it is left to the end users to disable the smart search and/or modify the search experience settings.

    While the end users can disable the smart search altogether, it does not stop the search charm to call "home", if and when the search charm is used for searching, send the search term, and the local search results to Bing. In another word, disabling smart search only suppresses displaying the results locally from the web/Bing. This allows Microsoft to build up profiles, or track the end users, weather they'd want to or not. Presumably, for enhancing end users experience if and when the search charm is enabled.

    Based on the search charm in Windows 8, the implementation of Bingifying apps going to be the same. By default, the apps will have it enabled and opting out will just suppress displaying the search results locally.

    Come again Microsoft, how is this optional?

    If I'd prefer tracking, I'll just open a browser where I can have some control of tracking my internet activities. Certainly, I don't need the OS and apps doing whatever their damned pleased to....

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    I know beauty is supposed I just to be in the eye... but what is the "beautiful" that's supposed to be in Bing?
    On the IE feedback page that popped up when I removed the Bing Desktop, it asked me if "it wasn't beautiful enough"!

    I think that using Gmail is optional too, there are plenty of alternative mail providers. Same with Chrome. Everything that seems to be done in Google is done under https - whether secure pages like gmail or unsecure searches.

    Goodness knows what sort of internet security Windows apps are using. How can you tell?
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    You can use Wireshark to see the type of security the Windows apps are using. Windows 8 smart search uses TLS 1.2 connection to protect the data in transit.
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    I envision a not-so-distant future where my computer runs Linux.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roy View Post
    I envision a not-so-distant future where my conputer runs Linux.
    Can happen sooner than we think.

    Can Intel turn Android into Windows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by roy View Post
    I envision a not-so-distant future where my computer runs Linux.
    I ran several releases of Slackware, back in the days when you had to actually download X, configure it, and get it running, then a couple Redhat, and finaly Mandrake. Early on the main frustration, other than lack of hardware drivers, was that in Linux it could take me a week or two to get a new program working. While in Windows it was install and go. The flip side was usually once I got the Linux program working, it just didn't break. Where Windows programs required care and feeding.

    Once things got to the point where the installer got you booted to a window manager with no hassles, then the main frustration was lack of free editors that felt like Windows editors. I used Kylix often just for the familiar key bindings when editing.

    If you want to get a jump on feeling at home with Linux I would recommend using a Windows flavor of vi editor(vim for example.) Then when you make the jump to Linux editing text won't feel foreign. I wish I tried it that way. I might still be multi-booting Linux with Windows if I did.
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    I remember a thread a while back about ads on web pages. John (z3r010) stated in a post there (paraphrased) ďIím amazed that people complain, but yet use it for freeĒ. Something along those lines. When I open a web page > ads. When I open a newspaper > ads. When I open a magazine > ads. When I travel down the road > ads. Ads help make the world go round. They are utmost important in any society and/or economy. If societies donít get educated on products via ads, then they donít buy. If no one buys, nothing happens > A stagnated economy. Bottom line > Do you want to keep your job, and/or retirement funds/income, and/or business? > Ads.

    Granted > Things are on by default, but users need to educate themselves as to configuration preferences. MS has tons of help sites and/or help files to do so.

    Donít like ads in certain apps, especially the Bing apps? > Donít use the app or buy the Pro version.

    Donít like Bing in your search? Turn it off. (Don't forget other categories there)

    Search Online with Bing - Turn On or Off in Windows 8.1

    Attachment 32352

    You want control? Push the link just under the "Clear" button there: Your privacy and Microsoft personalized ads

    Do you want total control? > Use local account in 8/8.1 and don't use the apps.

    Do you want ultimate control? > Use some other OS.

    No one is forcing anything onto anyone. If youíre concerned or anxious about the future of any OS > Itís not here yet and youíre not living in the present.

    Good day and happy computering.
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    Hi there.

    It's not quite as simple as that -- with Newspaper ads etc you can simply ignore them or just turn the pages.

    With a lot of Online you get stuff that forces you to watch an excruciatingly hideous video or listen to utter "Cacophony" - usually some type of so called "Music" which probably comes from a Factory testing the efficiency of Road Drills before you can proceed further with your work, or you get a whole blast of Gambling, Sexy Susie Ladies or a load of other stuff as popups which you have to close before you can continue.

    (With the Sexy Ladies stuff I sometimes say - This is SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION -- what about those who want or LIKE MEN !! - far be it from me to comment on peoples sexual proclivities - ISL is still probably the free-est country on the planet as far as these matters are concerned - so long as Kids aren't involved - but those sites never reply !!!).

    Google actually for all its faults isn't too bad - you can simply ignore the ads on the side panels. Other sites are horrendous these days.

    Things like advertising hoardings, magazines or even TV etc aren't the problem (provided the whole environment isn't littered with them) - as you can continue driving or doing other things while the TV commercials are on and you are a PASSIVE participant. It's when you are FORCED to watch / listen to stuff or take ACTIVE actions BEFORE you can carry on working is where IMO the whole thing breaks down.

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    You are correct, Jim, but I was mainly speaking of 8 and 8.1.

    E.g. I installed Microsoft Solitaire Collection via the Store app. There are ads in it unless I want to buy the subscription at $10/yr USD. The ads are at the end of the app home screen which is not visible upon opening. I have to scroll all the way right to see it. After I pick and play one of the games, there is an ad when the stats of the game appear.

    Another example is a dictionary app that I think to be quite handy for it snaps to the right of another Store app, desktop program such as an Office program, Notepad, browser, or whatever. I can highlight a word using Shift/Ctrl/arrow, Ctrl/C to copy, Alt/Tab to switch over to the dictionary app and it automatically looks up the word. (One can use a mouse or touch) I could use an online or native dictionary, but I find this a lot quicker and more convenient. There are ads in this app unless I want to buy it for a mere $3.00 USD of which I will do.

    Letís speak of incentive. Bing Offers is the name of their program. Itís been around awhile. Iíve been a MS customer/user for approximately 20-some years now. Iíve seen them grow along with a lot of companies. I will buy this app and other apps using the $50 gift card they bundled with my Nokia phad I just purchased via the MS online store. It also included a case. It was $37 less for the phad than what AT&T was offering on their site or B&M store, which was the device only. MS gave me incentive to purchase. If one notices, one will see that a lot of these Bing ads offer discounts. Discounts on an item that one may desire. One just might save some money. Is that such a bad thing?

    In any of the free apps I have there are no ludicrous or sexual ads, popups, music, or what have you. Why? Because itís a walled-gardened system like a lot of them are developing. One needs not cruise the net with a browser to see such ads. Personally Iíd rather look at one that may save me money.

    Then if I want to be productive I switch to my desktop never to see a Store app or ad if I so desire.

    Call me brainwashed > Call me what you will, but I see no harm in being under an "umbrella" of a company. I do it with my insurance company, investments, food store, clothes, data carrier, cell provider, or what have you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post

    Call me brainwashed >
    You're brainwashed...!!!
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Microsoft envisions a future where apps are 'Bingified'
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