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Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

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    I would not get too excited about this article - sounds like rumors to me.

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    Even if a rumor, i'd expect an 8.2 at some stage with more changes. Windows 9 will probably have a .1 as well.
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    Hafnarfjörđur IS
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    Hi there

    I suspect there MUST be some truth in the rumour -- Ms presumably has plans for businesses -- it won't want to leave them hanging indefinitely with Windows 7 - and you'd presumably have to have gone TOTALLY APE SH-- to recommend converting to Windows 8 / 8.1 in an enterprise --especially if you are using things like SAP ERP software which rely not only on the correct WINDOWS version to run but changes in IE as well can cause horrendous problems too. Some of these large organisations like SAP have only got their stuff working recently on 64 Bit WINDOWS 7 with IE9 -- changing a lot of this is NOT a trivial task.

    It seems though Ms really missed the boat with not providing a decent VM infrastructure -- HYPER-V potentially had some good ideas in it but it's sometimes touch and go to get this to work in large networks and the support structure isn't that great. For consumers an enhanced Virtual PC type of solution should have been offered or a "W7 Mode" but better than the old XP Mode which really was actually quite a disaster compared to "proper" Virtual machine software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissFrance View Post
    Oh, MissFrance! What ever do you mean?......
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    Maybe they can fix SkyDrive which was completely ruined with 8.1.

    Duplicate files and not syncing are the common complaints I get in networking forum and the list of frustrated SkyDrive users is getting longer and longer. Why on earth did they change it in the first place?

    Not to mention the seemingly endless problems with component store corruption and system file integrity which I've had to diagnose and fix countless times.

    This Op system isn't so solid as they make it seem and these problems aren't going away unless some big changes are made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    I would not get too excited about this article - sounds like rumors to me.
    If its on the Internet it has to be true.
    ^I read that on the internet^

    Kidding aside, I haven't seen anything I would even consider close to reliable on this topic.
    What's in that article sounds more like somebodies wish list to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post

    And hooray for our side....(I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down....)...
    Shame on you for sticking that song in my head!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemix View Post

    except for the fact that you have to switch over to Start Menu to access the program icon and switch back to the desktop when the program has loaded...complicated? Yes.
    This is 100% not true.
    You do not have to go to the start menu, find the icon and then click it and wait for the app to load then click back to the desktop.
    Once you go to the start menu and find the app you want to open and click it, it will automatically go to the desktop and open the app. Please stop spreading FUD.

    As for which is better?

    Win7 definitely has it's place. And I don't begrudge anyone from keeping Win7 and using it if that works for them.

    I do take issue with FUD spreading BS about how horrible Win8 is to use on a desktop without touch.
    Or that it's so complicated to use. No, it's not. It's different, yes, But more complicated, No.

    If one is in the market to buy a new PC and it comes with Win8, telling them they shouldn't do it based on personal bias towards change is irresponsible.

    Not knowing the advantages, not having actually used the system for a long period of time to actually understand how to use it
    Or what the advantages are fully, and telling people to avoid it, is irresponsible.

    I will never say Win8 is perfect, it's not. But it is a step up from Win7 in numerous ways.
    Not just what you can see, but more of what you can not see underneath it all.

    The MetroUI is not horrible, or cumbersome to use. And actually is better in many ways to the old Start Menu.

    1.) as stated, you can configure all the apps you use the most and get to them actually faster than from a start menu
    2.) The Tile system gives you a lot of power to configure it anyway you want.
    3.) The apps menu is more defined and can be sorted in different ways, it actually is easier to find what you are looking for than the old Start Menu
    4.) The search feature can also get you to apps faster than the start menu.
    Hit Win+S and start typing the name of the app. You can arrow down, hit enter, and there you go.

    Yes, it is change, yes it is a learning curve, but it is also better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post

    The MetroUI is not horrible, or cumbersome to use. And actually is better in many ways to the old Start Menu.
    In your opinion. Others have different opinions, nothing more, nothing less...
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    telling them they shouldn't do it based on personal bias towards change is irresponsible.
    Personal bias towards change? Bit of an assumption there , don't you think?

    Why didn't you say:

    Telling people they should buy based on personal bias towards Tilewold is irresponsible.

    There is a lot more going on than just a kindergarten UI.
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Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming
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