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Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming

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    we need the Win 8.2 urgently to fix all the bugs, plus good drivers for the wireless.

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    No new kernel but I knew this was coming, wow I both love and hate being right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    not really getting excited about the hypothetical return of a classic start menu
    Now that we are getting accustomed to using it without the start button, MS says they hear us talking and are therefore returning it? Speaking for myself, I'm used to not having it so it's no big deal for me one way or the other. I'm happy without it. But I suppose there are a lot of users who don't feel the same.
    Quit used to 8 now and don't miss the old Start Menu. I'm fine with bringing it back for those that want it, as long as I can turn it off if I wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    not really getting excited about the hypothetical return of a classic start menu
    LOL! Same here, but they can do whatever they want to satisfy > Just don't mess with the Start Screen/All Apps > Personally I'd like to remain and keep moving forward in the 21st century.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank1 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Oh boy, looks like I'll have to go through and update the tutorials again.
    Shawn--We're depending on it.
    Microsoft will be depending on it too, since they can't explain how to fix/use their products.
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    ??? In post #1, there is a quote in a little balloon, and I'm wondering from whence it came?
    The text in black, not in Blue.

    The English is abysmal at best. Who said that?

    On the topic of the Start Button and Start Menu, if someone wants it, all they have to do is install the "Classic Shell 4.0".
    Just like, if you want a different Desktop Theme, you just install it.
    Why wait for MS? If you don't like something the way it is, then fix it. That's what I've done for about two decades now.
    What's all the fuss?

    I've been doing that, with other aspects of Windows since day one.
    I take Windows from MS like a suggestion, not a rule. Eh?

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    This is what I believe about missing the start button: Let's try to imagine that when MS came out with Windows 95 if it would have had the same interface as Windows 8 has now; and if all the newer editions had the same. Then after all these years, MS came out with what they called Windows 8 and the interface was exactly like Windows 7, everyone would be saying things like, "What happened to the tiles! I miss the tiles and wish they would come back." I believe that it's human nature. When we are used to doing things a certain way for a number of years, it's hard to change.
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    not more than 6 month after 8.1 release we see new OS, win 8 will loose market with this news.

    no related to being free or not , clean installation is important for users.

    i dont know what is MS doing but i see their wane from now
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    Intel's also just released a new graphics driver for older Intel APU's on Windows 8.1, this should fix the blurry text problems alongside others graphical problems with Windows 8.1.

    And to think I've jut reverted back to Windows 7, oh wells guess I'll just wait for Windows 8.2 with a real start menu and a desktop experience no different then Windows 7...
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Windows 8.2. New Changes Are Coming
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