The Surface Pro 2 is quickly gaining in popularity, with some models currently out of stock on Microsoft’s website.

Some of those who have already purchased the device are now experiencing problems with it, as one of the firmware updates released by Microsoft in October is breaking down the installed drivers.

According to some posts on Microsoft’s Community forums, the firmware update makes some the Surface Pro 2 devices be labeled as “unknown,” with no driver update fixing the issues.

The wireless card and the Surface Cover Telemetry are both listed as unknown devices, users are reporting.

“However, when I put the tablet to sleep by closing the Type Cover (while on battery power but charged up to 100%), the screen remained blank even though I opened up the cover again and tried to wake the tablet. I knew that the tablet was still on but the screen remained blank even after I tried touching it, typing on the keyboard as well as briefly tapping the on/off button,” one user is reporting.

“When I touch the Windows icon on the bottom frame of the tablet, I can feel a slight vibration and that told me that the tablet was on but the screen somehow is totally off.”
Firmware Update Causes Surface Pro 2 Cover Telemetry Issues