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Windows 8 on Tablets Might Turn into a Failure, Forrester Suggests

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    Windows 8 on Tablets Might Turn into a Failure, Forrester Suggests

    Windows 8 is meant to arrive on a wider range of devices than previous flavors of the platform, including the lightweight and highly mobile tablet PCs; yet, it seems that the client might not prove as successful as intended in this market segment.

    Microsoft has already made all of the necessary preparations for making the platform compatible with devices that are attracting users the most, but this might not be enough to ensure platform’s success, Forrester suggests.

    When released, Windows 8 will benefit from support on SoC/ARM processors, which should result in devices being launched on shelves sometime in 2013, according to some reports, and it seems that this might actually be too late for Microsoft.
    Windows 8 on Tablets Might Turn into a Failure, Forrester Suggests - Softpedia

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    I have read that earlier on Softpedia. I think the authors do not know what they are talking about. Yes Win8 will be a late entry, but it will change the whole market. Let's look at this article again in 2 years from now and have a good laugh.

    A Win8 tablet is all I am waiting for - and I am sure so do a million others.
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    I am not going to spend a lot on a tablet until I can get one with a windows operating system. My existing laptop and kindle fire will do everything I need for portable computing until W8 tablets come out.
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    It irritates me when these "authors" or whoever they are, self proclaimed experts, form a ludicrous opinion... end of PC era? Pfft...There is no way to be sure until this is released, personally, I'm looking forward towards a Windows 8 based tablet.
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    Hi there
    the worst offenders are Gartners -- these people are regarded in Technology prediction with the same sort of regard as Moody's agency for rating Credit of financial institutions and countries.

    Considering Gartners predictions are invariably only 50% right -- about the same % as you would get by Random guessing -- and Moody's missed the Bank Lending with "Sub Prime Slime" Loans which was the start of the whole Banking / Financial mess most of the developed countries find themseleves in -- I am totally surprised that people are bothering with their predictions / ratings anymore. Anything they write is probably fit only for "Used" toilet paper.

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    You are so right. And there arte a few others that fit that bill too. Best is still to form your own opinion bsed on a multitude of inputs.
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    Having bought one of the original Windows Tablet PCs -- and happily upgraded it since then to Vista and then to Win7 -- I am eagerly awaiting the availability of the real Win8 tablets. It almost brings tears to my eyes to guess what capabilities will be there, when compared to what I have on my 2006-era tablet.

    That said, I'm disappointed by how many friends and colleagues are rushing out to buy Android tablets -- not understanding (despite what I've tried to tell them), that not only will those NOT run MS Windows apps, they also work entirely off the "cloud approach".

    And, these are the same folks that rushed out to buy an iPad, only to discover that it's a really great entertainment vehicle -- but doesn't do well in their work environments.

    This time, I think the Windows Tablet experience will be very different -- not only because the public has become more accustomed to the portable PC concept, not only because so many folks have smart phones these days (and have become dependant on hand-held computing features) but also because so much can be packed now into a lightweight device for little cost.

    And no, I never listen to the "pundits" -- they all have agendas that they're pushing.
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    Would be nice if they came with a device like the Motorola Atrix
    A Mobile Minute with the Motorola Atrix 4G’s Docking Options
    Click image for larger version
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Windows 8 on Tablets Might Turn into a Failure, Forrester Suggests
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