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Windows Update in Windows 8: No More Headaches?

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    Windows Update in Windows 8: No More Headaches?

    Yes, you did read that title right. For the very first time ever, updates in Windows may not be the legendary monsters that tear at you with claws of instantaneous reboots and bite with teeth of annoying pop-ups.

    Among other features, Windows 8 is gearing up to improve the updates function. PCs running on Windows 8 will only restart when security updates are installed and require reboots. Thankfully, the aforementioned reboot should only take place about once a month, which wont do much to hinder your regular PC use. This regular timing will give you a sense of when you should prepare for an update release. Of course, critical updates will be pushed and installed automatically outside of this monthly cycle, but hey: Id rather spend my time rebooting for a few minutes (we all know how fast Windows 8 is at that) than to be susceptible to a virus going around.
    Windows Update in Windows 8: No More Headaches? | Windows 8 Center

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    Oddly familiar, JMH, again (from 4 days ago) ...
    Minimizing restarts after automatic updating in Windows Update

    Nonetheless, Counterpoint:

    Microsoft slaps lipstick on Windows Update pig | ZDNet

    The other day Microsoft offered us some insight into how Windows 8 will handle restarts after Windows Updates are applied. Buried among the charts and data thrown at us is one clear message Microsoft still has a long way to go to make Windows Update as easy and convenient as it should be for the 21st century. Farzana Rahman, program manager for the Windows Update group, runs through the changes that Microsoft has done to the Windows Update mechanism in Windows 8. The idea was to make the Windows Update process as quick and as painless as possible for Windows users.
    While Ive not actually had any hands-on time with this new improve update process, based on what information Microsoft has made available, Im far from impressed.

    Click image for larger version
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Windows Update in Windows 8: No More Headaches?
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