The biggest disadvantage of running Windows 7 on a tablet computer is the battery life of the devices. This isnít the fault of Windows but is the fault of the hardware its designed to run on. Existing Intel and AMD chips will run out when running Windows 7 for around 4.5 hours. The arrival of Windows 8 running on ARM designed chips will extend this, we presume, to seven hours or more and bring Windows tablets in line with the battery life you would expect from an Android tablet or the iPad.

But what about the benefits of running Windows 8 on an Intel or AMD-powered tablet? While the masses might flock to the new ARM tablets, I believe there is a very strong case to be made to buy yourself a Windows tablet using existing hardware, and get it before Windows 8 is released. Let me explain.
The Inherent Advantages of Windows on x86 and x64 Tablets