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    Quote Originally Posted by kb7uar View Post
    I checked the store, their is no update in it. I am in Az. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I currently have 8.1 preview, but I can not find the update in the windows store.
    You aren't the only one having problems going from the Preview...

    I haven't been able to try it properly, but I think this might work:
    Use the Upgrade Assistant and run it, and
    Upgrade Assistant: FAQ - Microsoft Windows Help

    Then I think it will show you a "Go to the store" link which will take you to the correct Windows Store page.

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    If you're using the preview or anything before that, you may need to uninstall and go back to vanilla 8, than try the store. If I'm not mistaken, somewhere it was warned this would happen with the "preview" edition. The RTM was different because it was pretty much final.

    Anyway anything other than the RTM is probably going to cause problems. And if you had the RTM, all you needed was the updates which could be had through Windows Update.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gedstar View Post
    I had the same issue with Comodo, the way to fix that is un-install Comodo Internet Security and go to the registry and do the following

    Run regedit, go to this value
    On the right side you will see MaxNumFilters REG_DWORD change it's value from 1 to 8. Reboot your machine and then install CIS, everything works just fine thereafter.

    Hope that helps, for me I actually deleted the key, only found that above solution after the fact. But Comodo Internet Security is working fine for me know.

    If you don't have the above DWORD, you can simple create a new one by right click selecting New \ DWORD name it MaxNumFilters and change it's value to 8.

    Quote Originally Posted by HOODY View Post
    well I got done updating, and so far "most" of the stuff is there, I have a lot of stuff to go through to test if it actually does work. I know for sure my HP graphics driver for W8 doesn't work, it disabled my Radeon 7690 m xt, and now device manager says its a 6700 series, with a yellow question mark. so all I have now is the Intel 3000 thing.

    Also my COMODO security suite won't load right, tried to re install and now it won't even do that. that's 2 items so far.

    For a bit I thought Fire Fox was hosed too, but it came back, but is slow to start up.

    I may end up re installing my W8 image, I dono, we'll see. I just hate to go through the damned update time again later though, sure need a ISO, smirks.


    btw that windows 7 recovery image backup program is gone in 8.1 too. luckily Acronis 2010 still works.
    Thanks Homes, I fixed it too, I just manually removed the comodo folder, downloaded the FULL installer and ran that, it worked that way

    btw I was also a bit hasty, cause its "new" lol about the Windows 7 recovery thing, its still available in 8.1 too, just under a different name and a bit harder to find. its located in file history, on the lower left corner, its just not called windows 7 recovery now, its just "System Image Backup", but its there . So all in all so far I'm still havin fun lolol.
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    I first tried different drivers by trial & error which proved to be very risky as I had to do a system restore after a black screen at startup. But I made sure my system could be restored back to Windows 8 by using an image (Acronis/Easus)with all of my programs intact before attempting something so risky. What eventually worked was using the working driver I already had for windows 8 which I re-installed by using the method described in the link below.

    The HP link below which describes an alternate method of installing a driver (basically works by unzipping the HP spXXXX file then running the exe. file in compatibility mode)
    I followed steps 1,2,6 to 12 to the letter. There were no compatible Win 8 drivers listed by HP so steps 3,4 & 5 did not apply in my case.

    I upgraded to Windows 8. How do I get switchable graphics t... - HP Support Forum - 2213275

    Originally Posted by HOODY

    Never mind, I just re installed SP59850 and its back to normal, device manager sees the card as it is now.
    That's good to hear HOODY my unfinished reply above describes my all day risky adventure to get the driver working as I did not want to give any bad advice that would do harm.
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    Man .... It took painfully 5 hrs to download {internet 10GBps) and 45 mins to set up ....

    but all went well ...

    I notice , Avast antivirus completely disappear .... chrome browser is disable ... but IE 11 is nice and snappy .. I like it ...

    Oh yeh ... I don't know why I don't see the "Fake" start button ... "the way I like anyway ... just curious ..."

    may be because I have classicshell ...???
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    My Windows 8.1 upgrade aborted because my User Profiles are on another drive!

    I install Windows using Audit Mode and an XML file to relocate User Profiles to another drive during installation. Less messy and leaves no residual junk. Also, makes imaging a lot easier and cleaner too.

    First time I've had Windows of any version fall over for this reason. Have set up an email request with Microsoft to be advised of any and all details posted on this.

    Bad one Microsoft!!
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    Windows 8.1 32-Bit

    Fixed! Thanx anyway. Things seem to run smooth now.
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    I still may give it a few days and upgrade........but for now, with the painfully slow download yesterday and doing some reading of some people having problems, I stopped it and decided to wait......especially since everything is running so fast and smooth on my Vanilla 8 version of windows on my laptop....the only weird thing I notice is that hot corners don't work........and when in an app.....the mouse arrow doesn't change to a hand when you move it to the top of the screen....I have to use keyboard shortcuts to get these things I mentioned to no big deal I guess....I may upgrade in a week or so. Right now I'm in "leave well enough alone" mode.
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    I've done three pc's to W8.1 pro 64, rather slow, but they are mostly working, I have a problem with Google Earth which is on another thread. I feel sorry for people on slow connections and on a limited download allowance.
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    I've just read the 8.1 license agreement and it states that you can make one backup copy. How?
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automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free
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