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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    @ Wds, andyparks, krappo, prestwich1, gasdel, burtie, and anyone else who has upgraded via the Store.

    Thanks for posting your results. I gotta go to work. When I return I'll upgrade if all goes well for you. Much rather have ISO, but it seems it's going well. Good luck!

    BTW, Welcome to Windows EightForums, prestwich1 and gasdel. It's good to have you aboard.
    No problem. Now it's finished setting up "settings" (what ever that was) and now it's saying it's setting up a few more things! lol Honestly that's what it says on my it's on 3% again.

    I would have preferred an ISO, but the store update was/is pretty smooth and so simple.

    Hope it will be finished soon...I need to turn my pc off before I go away for the weekend! lol

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    After being stuck on 3%for ages it's now shooting up really fast! Since I took this photo it's moved to 81
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    Hi all, 1st post.

    I am at work now so I can't check but about 30 minutes after the update should have been available, I didn't see it in the Windows Store.

    Do you think this could be an issue because I updated to the 8.1 Preview iso? If so, do you know any workarounds?

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    Slow Connection Issues

    Hi all. Does anyone know if the download will resume if the internet connection is lost? I am in Zambia where we never have a reliable connection. A download of this size would normally take 2 or 3 days using a bitorrent client or download manager.

    Unless the download will resume or an iso becomes available that I can use a download manager with, this update is pointless to me as my connection never stays on for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time (and even then I am lucky if I get 50kb/s!). I have been downloading the update for an hour now and I can just about see a slither of green in the progress bar.

    Do you think Microsoft presumes the whole world has high speed broadband? I would wager the majority of the world does not rendering a 3.6gb file download nigh on impossible for millions of their customers (unless the download resumes after a broken connection is restored).
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    7 & 8

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but I'm getting a new laptop today with Windows 8. Before I go and start removing all the bloat- does the 8.1 upgrade give me the option of a clean 'vanilla' install?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IownAmoneyPit View Post
    Thank god I upgraded my Internet package about a month ago, 60% in 10mins lets hope the rest of the upgrade goes smoothly.
    Everything seems to work fine on the laptop except the secondary AMD Radeon HD Graphics driver.:mad, The primary Intel ones work great. I can only hope that a compatible one is found as the HP website only has the Windows 7 ones available & I found the Windows 8 HP compatible ones by chance on a reputable 3rd party site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddiehl View Post
    Sorry if this has already been covered, but I'm getting a new laptop today with Windows 8. Before I go and start removing all the bloat- does the 8.1 upgrade give me the option of a clean 'vanilla' install?

    I would leave it as it and go ahead do the 8.1 update , then run the "Should I remove it" .. to get all the junks out ... IMO
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Hmm.... I'm still running the preview (non RTM) copy of 8.1 on my VM and the update isn't showing in the store there.

    Click image for larger version

    anyway I'm getting ready to check my laptop which is running the RTM version to see what updates if any are there for it. Microsoft said they'd be releasing updates as well for those already running the RTM version so...
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automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free
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