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Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware

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    Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware

    We are fully committed to protecting our consumer and business customers from malware. Our strong solutions provide the comprehensive defense needed against malicious code and attacks. Our support of antimalware partners helps in building a strong and diverse ecosystem to fight malware.

    Over the past year, we’ve continued to make investments in our protection technologies:

    • We’ve created new methods to identify emerging threats earlier and defend against them faster. Although around 80 percent of the malware our customers encounter are known or proactively blocked threats, new threats emerge every day. We’ve developed early warning telemetry and faster signature delivery systems to respond to these threats.
    • We’ve focused our resources on activities that directly contribute to customer protection. We exist to serve and protect our customers, so our research and response efforts focus on real threats that affect customers. Today millions of customers have voluntarily opted to let their computers share telemetry data with us on encountered threats, helping us identify and prioritize new malware files. If you are interested in learning more about our approach, I encourage you to read my previous blog and check out this paper which details our outcomes. Our public monthly report shows our trends and the progress we’re seeing.
    • We share our telemetry and samples with the industry to collectively make all of us stronger against our true adversaries - the malware writers. Our commitment to collaboration and sharing programs for antivirus (AV) partners and AV testers is stronger than ever. Through these programs, we encourage the ecosystem to address real world threats that impact all customers.

    The end result is that, over the past year, our investments have increased the protection quality we deliver to our customers. As of the middle of 2013, we’ve increased our protection quality – that means less incorrect detections and less misses - by a significant rate since we first started measuring these metrics in the last quarter of 2011.

    We are proud of the protection capabilities we provide for well over 150 million computers worldwide with our real-time antimalware products. We believe in Microsoft antimalware products and strongly recommend them to our customers, to our friends, and to our families.

    Dennis Batchelder
    Partner Group Program Manager
    Microsoft Malware Protection Center

    Source: Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware - Microsoft Malware Protection Center - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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    Whatever, I'm not that much confident in Microsoft these days and I've already switched to Avast free. Just turned silent mode on to stop it from nagging me unnecessarily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Yes but where have Microsoft actually said they don't recommend their own software...?

    I think journalists have misquoted and misunderstood what Microsoft said (and the blog article at the top of the thread is a response to that).

    This is another interesting post on the topic. (Credit to another Forum member - I can't remember who or where - for posting it.)
    Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials? ? Ask Leo!

    Microsoft can't win here.

    If they built the perfect security product into Windows, they'd get grief from AV vendors for anti-competitive practices or whatever.

    If they built nothing at all into Windows, people would give them grief for having an insecure system.

    I think building a product into Windows 8, and switching it on by default, is a big thing that they don't get enough credit for, as it helps reduce the number of botnets etc. that fire spam and malware around the internet.

    Microsoft have got it about right in my view.
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    I agree. MSE is a great product that you don't even know is there unless you get a warning. Same with Defender. It just silently works, and is so non-intrusive it's amazing. The second I start running any other anti-virus I notice a huge drop in disk performance, slowdowns in almost every application, and in particular the applications I use most which are very file heavy (Visual studio, etc..)

    I think reporters love to jump to a conclusion, and then it echos around the news chamber and everyone reports everyone elses interpretation. I remember when Microsoft announced the new WinRT architecture, some reporter jumped to the conclusion that .NET was dead, and this echoed around the newswire as well. This has proven, of course, to be a completely wrong interpretation.
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    If they built a more secure system, there would be no need for AVs and such. As it is, my experience with systems protected by only MSE/Defender are dismal, specially with inexperienced users that get into the trouble really fast.
    Of course, MS is not going to say "Our product and Defender are not safe enough" but in a diplomatic way they are saying that there's a need for more security than they are willing to provide and if somebody gets into a trouble they can get away with " I told you so". At very least, MS' response to threats is slow comparing to "real" AVs, some AVs, like for instance Avast, have database updates 5 times a day comparing to MS with updates every few weeks.
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    Any system that is secure enough to prevent all forms of malware intrusion would be unusable. You think UAC is bad? It would require administrative approval to click the mouse just about. It wouldn't allow you to install any software.

    A lot of people like to point to other OS's s and say "Look, they don't have viruses" but that's simply because they aren't as large of a target, and thus not as big of a payday for the malware authors. We've seen that MacOS has started to get some malware as it's become more popular.

    You are completely wrong about MS's updates... They update several times a day as well. Go ahead, open Windows Defender, and click update several times per day, you will see that the virus definition versions change. Most people only download them once a day, however.

    As an example. I just brought up defender. Now, keeping mind that it's sunday... It says they were last updated this morning at 2am. Version number 1.159.2087.0. I just clicked Update and it says virus definitions last updated at 4:27pm version number 1.159.2116.0, so there have been 29 updates since 2am. On a sunday.


    3 hours later, I updated again, now it says Definitions Last Updated 7:49pm and version number 1.159.2127.0 so it's been updated 11 more times in 3 hours.
    Last edited by Mystere; 13 Oct 2013 at 19:50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    If they built a more secure system, there would be no need for AVs and such.
    As long as there is computer code, there will be viruses.

    This is sort of like saying if they built a better society, there would be no crime. There will always be crime because there will always be the haves and have-nots. History has proven this. Likewise with computers.... as long as we have them, there will always be hackers who in turn tends to create those viruses.

    BTW I've been using MSE since inception and haven't had an issue or virus (knocks on wood). That said, for my laptop I decided to get something a bit "stronger" since I use it in public places where free Wi-Fi is available.
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    Fully agree with DavidY and Mystere
    Security through Obscurity... but even some are now recommending AV for Mac's and Linux
    And Firefox is not all too safe anymore either.
    Heck, you need AV for your iPhone and Android ,,, but found this....

    Android antivirus apps are useless, here?s what to do instead | ExtremeTech

    So, I wouldn't put too much stock in the second article posted.

    As for MSE, or any AV for that matter. No single solution is 100%. And they are not always the best on the market at the same time or any given time.

    I also wouldn't touch AVG if you paid me, nor would I Mcafee or trend.
    and, Norton is a direct target anyway.

    What would I recommend? Not sure,, MSE minimum. And that is all I run on my systems.
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    The best protection against infection is good security measures along with an AV kept up to date, and situational awareness. Utilize those and you dramatically minimize your risk of infection.

    As for which AV... everyone has their fav and fud so...
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Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware
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