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MS's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk

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    MS's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk

    Microsoft used to have a succinct mission statement: Put "a computer on every desk and in every home."

    It's new one is more of a mouthful. Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer called it out in his final shareholder letter, which is part of Microsoft's Annual Report for 2013, which the company published on its investor site on October 7. Ballmer used last year's letter to shareholders to communicate the idea that Microsoft planned to morph from a software company to a devices and services company.

    Microsoft's new corporate mission for 2013 and beyond is "to create a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most."

    I'd humbly suggest a slightly shorter version: "Create a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses."
    Read more at: Microsoft's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk | ZDNet

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    I just puked on my keyboard. But that's ok, in the new world order according to Ballmer we won't need those anymore.

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    I can't wait to see these things unfold. It's going to be a great few coming months! I think i'm more optimistic!
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    So does that mean windows will become a service?
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    I have a feeling people are going to be moving over to linux. The only problem is I am not pleased with the new mobile hardware that is coming out. It is taking away power from the user. Devices similar to the samsung Galaxy line are still very user friendly, with items such as a removable battery and removable storage. But devices like the iphone and HTC one are not user friendly *to me anyway*. I can't add storage to them, and I can't add an extended battery. Laptops are becoming the same way. When looking for a laptop I could either buy an extremely underpowered last gen laptop with a removable battery and a cd drive, or I could buy an extremely expensive current gen one with those features. Anything in between was an ultra book.
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MS's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk
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